A discussion surrounding who owns the rights to Hulk has swept across social media, leading many fans to ask “Has Marvel bought Hulk back from Universal?” Here’s what we know so far about the Marvel Hulk rights debacle, which started when The Incredible Hulk surprise-launched on Disney Plus.

Have Marvel and Disney bought the Hulk rights back from Universal?

While nothing has been officially confirmed, the sudden appearance of The Incredible Hulk on Disney Plus has led some fans to speculate that a deal has been made.

In a recent article, Variety claims that “in a notable shift, the right have reverted to Marvel Studios, leading to the film’s release on Disney Plus.” Despite this, no official announcement has been made about Hulk now being owned by Marvel Studios. It’s possible that Variety has an insider source, though it could also be speculation on their part. Either way, it’s not made clear.

For now, all we know is that The Incredible Hulk has appeared on Disney Plus and is now available for all subscribers to watch. Whether it marks a shift in ownership of the green hero or a simple deal between Disney and Universal, it’s not yet clear.

With next to no fanfare surrounding the release, it seems unlikely that Disney has acquired the right to Hulk. While it’s certainly possible, it seems more likely that a deal has been struck which allows Hulk movies to appear on Disney Plus. This is similar to the deal between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man.

This post will be updated as and when we learn more information.

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