The first scene from Heartstopper season 2, which premieres on August 3, is now available online. The LGBTQ+ romance series was created by Alice Oseman and is based on their graphic novel series of the same name. It follows the romance that ensues when openly gay teenager Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) is placed next to rugby boy Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) in class, as well as the love lives of their school friends.

Today as part of their global fan event Tudum, Netflix shared part of the opening of Heartstopper season 2.


The video, which was introduced by stars Corinna Brown and Kizzy Edgell, follows an ecstatic Charlie as he gets ready for school while exchanging adorable texts with Nick as they establish the rules of being each other’s boyfriends. The clip ends right at the moment that Nick surprises him in the doorway of their first class of the day. Netflix also took this opportunity to unveil the titles of the eight episodes from season 2. Check out the full listing below:

Episode 1: Out

Episode 2: Family

Episode 3: Promise

Episode 4: Challenge

Episode 5: Heat

Episode 6: Truth/Dare

Episode 7: Sorry

Episode 8: Perfect

What Heartstopper’s Tudum Clip Reveals About Season 2

Nick Holding Charlie and smiling in Front of Heartstopper Backdrop

Considering the fact that Heartstopper is a high school drama, Charlie’s happiness in this opening scene may not be long-lived. Episode 1 will be setting up the conflicts that will provide the narrative core of the season, so it seems likely his new relationship may not immediately give him exactly what he wants. One conflict that is likely brewing will stem from the fact that Nick is not out to everyone in their lives, which will complicate when and where Charlie can express his feelings for him.

This brewing conflict is also implied by the titles of the first two episodes, “Out,” and “Family.” Their conflict may also be exacerbated by Nick’s family. It has already been revealed that Nick’s father and older brother will be joining the Heartstopper cast in season 2, and their presence may be another issue that he and Charlie have to face together.

Heartstopper has many such avenues it can explore during the early days of Nick and Charlie’s relationship. It seems that their text thread in this clip will likely be a microcosm of the season as a whole. Both teens will have to spend a lot of time navigating what being in a relationship means to themselves and each other. While there will be conflict, episode 7s title, “Sorry,” implies that they will ultimately find ways to communicate properly.

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