Temptation Island season 5 is back on USA, putting couples and singles into the mix together, and the most recent episode airs on June 28 at 9 p.m. ET. On the show, temptation runs high, and commitments are broken. With so many episodes left, things are looking hotter than ever. Hosted by Mark L. Walberg, Temptation Island is the re-imagining of the early 2000s FOX series, which began airing on USA in 2019. With Temptation Island season 5 adding all-new twists to the already exciting series, the show has a new feel. There are fresh ways for the contestants to interact, and new levels of betrayal to be unlocked.



With a Temptation Island cast of four couples and 15 singles coming to mingle on a beach in Hawaii, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the coupled partners. The duos have struggled through their relationships, hoping that they’ve found lasting love, but unsure if long-term commitment is in their future. Putting their relationships to the test, the couples allow their partners to operate as singles for the season, possibly finding romantic connections with the singles on the show. As new bonds form and old relationships are tested, things tend to get more dramatic as the season progresses. The couples eventually choose to leave the island together or apart.

How Many Episodes Of Temptation Island Season 5 Are There?

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There isn’t an official episode count for Temptation Island season 5. Early on in the series, the seasons ranged in episode count, going as low as eight episodes or as high as 12. When the series was revived and put onto the USA network, the show was given a 12-episode order. After Temptation Island‘s return, each season was ordered again at 12 episodes. It can be assumed that since there have been 12 episodes per season since 2019, Temptation Island season 5 will have 12 episodes, with 10 more still to air in the season.

When Does The Temptation Island Season 5 Finale Air?

The Temptation Island schedule tends to be pretty straightforward, especially since USA is a cable TV network, and doesn’t have to deal with as many scheduling issues as network TV. The premiere of Temptation Island season 5 aired on June 14, and will continue to air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET for the duration of the season. The season finale of Temptation Island season 5, which will likely be episode 12, will air three months after the first episode. The Temptation Island season 5 finale will likely air on August 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

With the series returning for another season of cheating, lies, and continuous temptation, Temptation Island is re-establishing itself as one of the most interesting reality TV dating shows on the air. With an original concept, and a raw honesty built into the series (which comes from the couples needing to effectively communicate), the show is sure to be a summer favorite for viewers. Temptation Island will bring drama, authenticity, and complicated storylines to its upcoming season, making it the most riveting installment yet.


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