Samsung‘s Galaxy S20 FE has water resistance, but how good is that protection? When traveling or even during daily usage, exposure to water is a real possibility. There are even times when placing a smartphone in water deliberately may be appealing, as underwater photos can be unique and mesmerizing. However, understanding the water resistance of the Galaxy S20 FE is important to ensure no unfortunate events happen.



The Galaxy S20 FE has an IP68 rating. This means it can withstand being submerged in water up to a depth of one and a half meters, for a maximum of 30 minutes. The IP testing is done in ideal conditions, meaning the device isn’t shaken around or dropped into the water. The testers do not swim or dive with the Galaxy S20 FE, so attempting that would not be recommended. Water is not sprayed at the phone with force either. The main takeaway here is the Galaxy S20 FE has water resistance, but it is not waterproof.

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Galaxy S20 FE IP Rating Explained

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in landscape mode

The IP rating, an international standard, is a common way to measure the ability of the device to keep foreign materials from penetrating inside. The first digit, in this case a 6, rates the dust resistance and indicates that no dust can enter the phone whatsoever. The second digit, the 8, measures water resistance. Note that the IP68 rating should include a water depth measurement, which can vary for each device. For Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE, the allowable depth is 1.5 meters, which is the equivalent of 5 feet.

This is one of the reasons diving with this phone would be dangerous. The initial plunge will likely exceed the recommended depth. With an accidental drop into the sink or aquarium, the depth should not be as much of a problem. The same rating is given for the Galaxy S20, so this is not a limitation of the fan edition, and IP68 is, in fact, very good.

Note that chlorinated water, such as what’s found in a swimming pool, is hard on electronics. Also, salt water is not a good idea and can increase the chance of corroding metal connectors. Samsung warns users to keep the Galaxy S20 FE out of water that has salt or chemicals. The IP rating is a test with clean water.

A final note about water resistance, this doesn’t mean that water and dust cannot enter any of the components of the smartphone. For example, speakers often take some time to dry out fully and can affect sound volume and quality. For those that want to explore underwater photography, these warnings don’t preclude that fun. It simply means a waterproof case or bag would be needed to ensure full protection. The Galaxy S20 FE is a great phone, and it’s nice that Samsung built the fan edition with a solid IP rating that’s on par with its other flagships.

Maintaining The Galaxy S20 FE’s Water Resistance

Samsung S20 FE in Lavender

Apart from not submerging the Galaxy S20 FE to depths below 1.5 meters and avoiding exposure to chlorinated or salt water, there are a few other precautions users should take to maintain the phone’s IP rating. Samsung cautions against bringing the phone into contact with soapy water or water that is unclean. In addition, exposure to products like oils, perfumes, sunscreens, hand sanitizers, or liquids containing alcohol can affect the water resistance.

High water pressure should also be avoided, as well as high temperatures and humidity, such as steam rooms and saunas. Dropping the product or cracking the glass will also impact water resistance. Samsung also recommends only using a SIM removal tool to remove the SIM tray, and placing the tray all the way back in to maintain a seal. If the Galaxy S20 FE is exposed to water or any contaminants, wipe it with a clean dry cloth, and wait for the phone to dry completely before plugging in a charger or any accessories. Samsung also notes that if the microphone or speaker isn’t completely dry, this can affect the quality of voice calls.

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