How to Beat Golden Tempest in Wild Hearts

The Golden Tempest is arguably the deadliest giant Kemono players come across in Wild Hearts. Hunting it requires strategy, patience, and practice.

The Golden Tempest is a beautiful and deadly giant Kemono in Wild Hearts. The monster is a red tiger with gold dust flying around it. It is also arguably the most dangerous Kemono to hunt in the entire game, requiring strategy and practice. If players plan to kill the Golden Tempest, they will need access to every tool possible.

The Golden Tempest’s attacks are worse than anything the Kingtusk or other Wild Hearts Kemonos can throw at players, capable of killing them in a single blow. Getting close to its claws and fangs would be a fool’s errand, but players aren’t safe at a distance either. The Golden Tempest manipulates the wind to throw players off balance and rip into them. Its speed is unmatched, only coming close when it’s ready for a deadly blow. For most, it is a death wish to hunt the Golden Tempest in Wild Hearts.


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High quality posed art of the Golden Tempest from Wild Hearts

Considering the Golden Tempest in Wild Hearts bases its attacks around tornados and killer breezes, it is no surprise that the Kemono is a Wind-attribute monster. Its main attribute weaknesses are Fire and Earth, opposite of the similarly named Goldshard Kemono of Wild Hearts. The Frozen ailment works well against the Golden Tempest alongside all Lunge weapons.

Players likely aren’t going to survive their first fight with the Golden Tempest in Wild Hearts, and that’s okay. Part of defeating this Kemono is learning how it attacks. The battle is so difficult that the official Wild Hearts YouTube channel released a gameplay video of the Golden Tempest, showing players ways they can fight this beast.

Most attacks against the Golden Tempest should be ranged, taking shelter behind Karakuri whenever possible. Multiplayer is useful in keeping the Kemono’s attention while other players strike at it with some of Wild Hearts‘ powerful endgame weapons.

Speaking of weapons, the producers have listed three in their video that they consider the best to use in Wild Hearts against the Golden Tempest. The Claw Blade lets players dive around the Kemono, moving fast and staying high. The Cannon allows players to keep their distance and pound on the Golden Tempest. Lastly, the diversity of the Karakuri Staff means room for players to think on their feet and turn the battle in their favor.

In terms of Karakuri, the Celestial Cannon Karakuri can save the day by dealing damage from afar. Bulwark Karakuri is the best Karakuri to take shelter against the Golden Tempest, and making use of the wide variety of Karakuri in Wild Hearts will be the difference between victory and death. Although it will take some time, defeating the Golden Tempest in Wild Hearts will be one of the greatest triumphs players can obtain.

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