How To Complete Blooming and Blossoming Quest In Dreamlight Valley

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The Easter events for Disney Dreamlight Valley are in full swing, including one daily objective players can learn how to complete called the Blooming and Blossoming quest for different rewards. This quest gives players another way to add new items to their crafting journals, which helps complete other recipes for a few challenges. However, a specific item needs to be made before players can begin meeting the goals of this quest.

The only way to begin the Blooming and Blossoming quest is for players to talk to WALL-E, who will ask for a Flower Basket item. Like the WALL-E Loves Flowers quest in Dreamlight Valley, players will need to collect a bunch of flowers that make up the recipe for the Basket. There are two separate Baskets that must be made throughout the quest, as WALL-E will ask between these two options every day.

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Blooming and Blossoming Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley Different Easter Flowers Needed for the Blooming and Blossoming Quest

Seven types of flowers are used to make either Basket within this daily quest, but thankfully players should be able to find these items in the same place each day. For the first Flower Basket, players can combine two Yellow Daisies, two Blue Falling Penstemons, one White and Pink Falling Penstemon, and one Fiber. Meanwhile, the second Basket requires two Red Falling Penstemons, two Dandelions, one White and Pink Falling Penstemon, and one Fiber.

Every Flower Location

Flower Type


Red Falling Penstemon

The Plaza

White Falling Penstemon

The Plaza

Blue Falling Penstemon

The Plaza

Pink Falling Penstemon

The Plaza

Yellow Daisy

The Peaceful Meadow


Extracted from Seaweed


The Plaza

While players can pick some of these flowers for the Eggs-ceptional Decorating quest in Dreamlight Valley, the main focus should be crafting the right Basket WALL-E wants. Going to the Crafting Station allows players to make a Basket using the picked flowers. Giving it to WALL-E afterward is the only step forward to claiming some well-earned rewards.

Rewards For Completing The Blooming and Blossoming Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley Completing the Blooming and Blossoming Quest During the Easter Event

Three items are given to the player from WALL-E for finishing the quest, including five Egg-cellent Fruit, 5 Wild Spring Eggs, and one Spring V-EGG-etable. In addition to 200 XP, these special eggs are used in other recipes for more objectives found during the Easter event. Players who figure out how to complete the Blooming and Blossoming quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley daily have a far better chance of finishing other quests found throughout this holiday in the game.

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