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A new character has come to Disney Dreamlight Valley with some exciting new main story content. The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella has technically arrived, though she will say she’s been there all along, hiding in her pumpkin home. She brings some mainline story content, including the Miracles Take Time quest.

The Miracles Take Time quest is one that players will be presented with before even meeting The Fairy Godmother, as it is her introductory quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Though this quest is long or complicated, it can be time-consuming if players do not already have a stash of different shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley stored away and are forced to hunt for them.


Investigate The Forgotten Lands

Player standing in front of pumpkin house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first objective of this quest will be to investigate a noise coming from the Forgotten Lands. The Forgotten Lands will need to be unlocked to proceed with this quest, which can only be unlocked after the Sunlit Plateau. To do this, players will need the required amount of Dreamlight to unlock both regions of the map. Head to the Forgotten Lands in the far left corner of the map of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Those who have explored this area will have seen a curious-looking pumpkin house that appeared blocked off. Returning to this area, players will see that the door is finally open.

The Fairy Godmother will not have a realm like many of the other new characters, more similarly, she will need to be found through finding an object, like Stitch or Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, however, in this case, the object is her house.

Head inside to find the Fairy Godmother waiting there. After speaking with her, she will reveal she has been inside this pumpkin home the entire time, working on things. She will discuss new and exciting things like the Dreamscape and the Orb of Remembrance. Finally, she will note that she needs something specific to do her enchantment. Specifically, she needs five Purified Night Shards to open the entrance to the Dreamscape. If players already have Purified Night Shards stored away, go ahead and bring them back to her. For those that don’t, it will require a little more work.

How To Gather Purified Night Shards

Player speaking with Fairy Godmother in her home in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unfortunately, Purified Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley are not just going to be randomly found in the wild. However, the materials required to craft them will be. Each Purified Night Shard can be crafted with five Night Shards and one Dream Shard. Players will need 25 Night Shards and 5 Dream Shards in total to craft everything they need. If these materials have already been acquired, players can head to any crafting stations to craft the Purified Night Shards and take them back to the Fairy Godmother. They will be found under the Functional Items tab in the crafting menu.

For those without the materials, they are unfortunately going to be pretty tedious to acquire. Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley will be found by digging sparkling spots in the ground. Often there will be two per spot, but as 25 are needed, it may require a bit of hunting to track down all the digging spots and hope for Night Shards, which are not always guaranteed. Dream Shards, on the other hand, can also be found by digging the sparkling spots, but they are a little rarer this way, as well as by feeding different critters their favorite food or clearing the Night Thorns.

It’s recommended that players have a character with digging as their specialized skill join them while looking for Night Shards. This will allow players to gain more Night Shards when they find them to prevent having to keep digging for as long.

Head To The Dreamscape

Player and Fairy Godmother standing in front of Dreamscape entrance in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After acquiring all the materials and crafting the Purified Night Shards, bring them back to the Fairy Godmother. Now players can head through the Dreamscape entrance with the Fairy Godmother. After giving the Purified Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley to the Fairy godmother, she will instruct players to follow her to the Dreamscape Entrance. Follow her out of her home and into the Forgotten Lands, where she will unveil the entrance to Dreamscape, which resembles a tree house. Once it is open, she will ask the player to head into the Dreamscape.

Once inside, players will be dropped into a circular-styled platform with small podiums surrounding that contain some of the orbs. The Fairy Godmother will be waiting in the middle of the room, wishing to speak again. Players will learn that the Dreamscape in Disney Dreamlight Valley holds the Orb of Remembrance and others and was created to help The Forgotten hide certain memories. The memories around the platform will help power the Orb of Remembrance to reveal the important thing that The Forgotten hopes to hide.

Collect The Orbs

Player and Fairy Godmother standing in room of Orbs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

She will instruct the player to go around the room collecting all the various memory Orbs in Disney Dreamlight Valley, of which there are three. Go around to the different podiums and collect the Orb of Courage, Orb of Power, and Orb of Love. After collecting all three of these, return to the Fairy Godmother and speak with her again. She will inform the player that missing memories need to be recovered. There will be three in total, Friendship, Trust, and Nurturing. To recover them, the player will need to become The Forgotten and return to these memories to feel what they felt.

This will end the Miracles Take Time quest, which will immediately be followed by the Forgotten Memories: Friendship quest and the other two Forgotten Memory quests. For each of these subsequent quests, players will pass through a portal in which they will embody The Forgotten and experience what they were filling. These memories will bring to light just how bad everything had become in the Valley and finally give more clues as to what exactly happened in Disney Dreamlight Valley for it to become what it was at the start of the game.

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Key Art

    Disney Dreamlight Valley


    PC, Steam, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, iOS




    Life Simulation, Adventure

    Online Co-Op


    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will create their own Disney avatar as they interact with some of the most iconic characters in Disney and Pixar history. The story surrounds the dream castle and the realm it resides in, which is a place where several characters, hero and villain alike, have lived together in harmony. However, an evil force known as the Forgetting consumes the kingdom. It’s up to the player to solve puzzles, reunite characters, and embark on feature-rich character storylines to save the Dream realm. Players can build their own Disney neighborhood – plant gardens, go fishing, build residences – or go on adventures in dark caverns, sail the seas, or navigate spooky forests. The choice belongs to the player as they traverse the various Disney worlds in this cozy game that takes notes from mainstays like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.

    How Long To Beat:
    30h 12m

    Single-Player, Multiplayer


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