How To Complete The Illuminated Torment Challenge

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Challenges have arrived to the Root of Nightmares raid for Destiny 2, including one that players can try to complete called The Illuminated Torment, that grants extra loot when beaten. Considered a Cataclysm challenge, The Illuminated Torment shows up during the first major encounter of the raid. However, with limitations that apply to either Normal or Mastery difficulty, players may have difficulty recognizing exactly what they need to do to beat this challenge effectively.


The Illuminated Torment challenge demands that players defeat the Tormentors in the first encounter only while they have the Field of Light buff. The Tormentor acts as a boss, not quite as difficult as the final Root of Nightmares raid boss Nezarec in Destiny 2, but they can become a hassle with this restriction. In addition, the buff prevents players from killing the Tormentor right away, which is usually an easy time after going through the usual tasks in this part of the raid.

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How To Beat The Illuminated Torment Challenge

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid with First Encounter Incoming for The Illuminated Torment Challenge

The typical roles players take during this part of the raid are the Runner and Enemy Control, the former of which always has the Field of Light buff. Typically, the Runner plants the seeds while Enemy Control players prevent enemies from killing the Runner. The Tormentor doesn’t spawn until after players defeat the two Psions that spawn in the area, increasing the countdown timer the Runner needs to plant the seeds by thirty seconds when it arrives.

The best way to complete The Illuminated Torment Challenge is to have Enemy Control players damage the Tormentor enough for the Runner to take out the boss while using the Field of Light buff.

The best way for players to complete the challenge would be to damage the Tormentor enough for the Runner to take it out with the Field of Light buff. Enemy Control players typically enter this first encounter with high enough DPS to take down the enemies the Runner avoids, whether with a good Strand build in Destiny 2 or an excellent weapon for the job. While Enemy Control players could also join up with the Runner to gain the Field of Light buff, it’s better to deal as much damage to the Tormentor as possible to give a better window for the finishing blow.

How To Beat The Illuminated Torment On Master Difficulty

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid Reward Gear to Defeat Additional Challenges Such as The Illuminated Torment

For experienced players, this challenge evolves even from the first encounter, as Unstoppable Champions appear for Enemy Control players to contend with in addition to the Tormentor. This extra danger may become increasingly hard for players to keep track of, so only the confident should attempt this. However, once players learn how to beat The Illuminated Torment challenge for the Root of Nightmares raid of Destiny 2, the extra boost to their loot from the raid should be more than enough to come back and attempt it on this difficulty.

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