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Runes are spent on everything to help level up characters in Elden Ring, with players now able to do a rare exploit to farm a large amount of this resource through a Sleeping Dragon enemy. A recent glitch discovered shows how players can cause this draconic enemy to respawn, making the Rune rewards available again. The Dragon is still a dangerous enemy that shouldn’t be taken lightly; players must take down the Sleeping Dragon fast for consistent Runes.


Players would be wise to bring a weapon that inflicts Bleed damage to the Sleeping Dragon before trying to farm Runes with the exploit. Since the enemy still needs to be defeated more than once, weapons with Bleed, such as the Hookclaws, Thorned Whip, or Winged Scythe, help players take down the Dragon’s health relatively quickly. Although many builds in Elden Ring are great for taking down the most challenging bosses, exploiting the Dragon’s specific weakness works best.

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Where to Find The Sleeping Dragon

Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon Next to Fort Faroth Site of Lost Grace

The slumbering dragon rests in Caelid, close to the Third Church of MarikaWaygate, a place that’s much easier to find on the map by unlocking every Limgrave Map Fragment that shows the Mistwood area of the Lands Between. The interactive map of Elden Ring will point players beyond a church toward another Waygate that leads them to the Bestial Sanctum.

Going southwest of the Sanctum puts players next to a bridge that hosts the Flying Dragon Geyll, with a Site of Lost Grace past this point to the southeast section of the Erdtree. The Sleeping Dragon may be found northwest of this Grace site, which is named the Fort Faroth Site of Lost Grace in case players have already discovered the area before for faster travel.

How To Farm Runes From The Sleeping Dragon

Elden Ring Inflicting Bleed Condition on Sleeping Dragon for Rune Farming Exploit

As of this time of writing, content creator Caspahz has discovered The Sleeping Dragon exploit in Elden Ring by causing the Dragon to respawn after defeating it by using the Site of Grace almost immediately after it dies. Players must use their horse Torrent to speed over to the Fort Faroth Lost Grace Siteright after the Sleeping Dragon dies. If done right, the Dragon does not disappear, letting players gain Runes and rechallenge the enemy for more.

The Sleeping Dragon gives 50,000 Runes, making this an excellent way for players to farm resources if they can confidently take down this enemy repeatedly. Using rare items like the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot during this process lets players gain more Runes than normal, increasing this reward even more if they wish. Those looking to do the Sleeping Dragon exploit in Elden Ring should not get overconfident, though, as the beast is still a fearsome foe every time.

Source: YouTube/Caspahz

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