The farming game helping to build a decentralized metaverse

Pixels is a Web3 farming game with a strong and loyal community. The goal of the game is simple: plant crops, gather resources and build your power. Progressing through the game relies on effort, skill and relationships. The longer you spend in this world, the more you become a part of it.


Pixels is a farming game but it makes up only a portion of what the Pixels Universe wants to achieve. Their ultimate goal is an interoperable, player-owned and equitable virtual world that pushes forward the growth of the metaverse. The Pixels farming game is their first gateway for users into the world of Web3.

What is the metaverse?

What is Pixels?

Pixels is a “fun first” farming MMO built around the principles of decentralization, ownership and community. The virtual world is made up of 5,000 plots of land that owners need to curate, customize and maintain. In order to advance in Pixels, players must gather resources and build up their empire.

Pixels is built on the Ethereum blockchain and launched in late 2021. Originally, users could mint new land for 0.06 ETH. Since then, land value has gone up and the floor price is currently around 0.36 ETH. On secondary marketplaces, people have traded more than 6,200 ETH worth of Pixels land.

How to get started on Pixels

1. Get a MetaMask

First off, you’ll need a Metamask Web3 wallet. Read DappRadar’s in-depth guide to MetaMask to find out how to get one. Once you’ve downloaded it, use it to log into the Pixels and to save your progress.

2. You don’t need an in-game NFT to start playing

Buying Pixels land from the secondary markets will open up the full functionality of the game. But you can still play even if you don’t have any. Just click on “Continue as guest” when you log in and follow the instructions.

3. Moving around is easy

Journey through the Pixels world using WASD. Arrow keys and click movements will be available in future.

4. Start your quests

Go to Mayor Dave in Terra Villa. Speak to him if you want to begin your adventure.

What makes Pixels innovative?


Plots of virtual land are key to Pixels gameplay. They come in the form of NFTs which mean users have complete ownership and control of them. It cannot be taken from you and you can sell it for real money on secondary markets.

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There are three types of land in Pixels:

  • Free Plots – also known as Specks, these are most basic unit of land. They allow players to start playing the game but don’t offer huge returns. They’re a good entry point.
  • Rented Plots – these give players freedom and better yields. But you need to split the profits with your landlord. These are a good way to build up experience and capital, before potentially buying your own land.
  • Owned Plots – available in Small and Large, Owned Plots give users full control over the portion of the Pixels world. Manage resources, reap rewards, rent out to Sharecroppers, and earn tokens.


Resources come from the land, and resource generation is the main faucet in Pixels. In Web3, faucets are methods for releasing crypto assets and tokens to users. Resources consist of wood, crops, animals, and other items you can find on a farm.

Progression in Pixels relies on gathering increasingly rare and difficult to acquire resources. It takes time and experience for players to get hold of the best assets. In order to benefit the economy, the central Pixels team will adjust how many resources can be generated over a given time.


Pixels’s economy relies on a two-token system: 

  • BERRY –  the primary in-game currency and is vital to the core “gameplay loop”. Players can spend BERRY at the in-game store and get paid in the token when they sell resources. BERRY is burned when players buy items to progress through the story.
  • PIXEL – the premium Pixels in-game currency. Players use it to buy items, upgrades and cosmetic enhancements that exist outside of core gameplay. Unlike BERRY, PIXEL supply is heavily controlled. 100,000 new PIXELS will be minted each day and distributed to active players.

How to play and win Pixels

Playing Pixels is not a case of losing and winning. Players progress forwards with no endpoint. So while there are no tips for achieving victory, there are certain things you can do to help you move forward in the game:

  1. Zoom out on your map to sow and harvest faster. It sounds simple but having a view of your entire farm will enable you to click around your screen faster. This saves time and makes the whole process less fiddly. It will also ensure you don’t miss any plots that could be generating resources.
  1. Find your second farm by changing the URL. There should be a number in the URL. Farms 101 and 102 are the same farm. You can find your second farm by changing that number to 103, 104 or 105. You can also generate resources on this farm.
  1. Refresh your browser and your crops grow quicker. This sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Almost like switching something off, then on again, refreshing your browser speeds up crop growth.
  1. Don’t always buy the cheapest or most expensive land. Choose your land based on its traits. Do your research, find which farm will generate the most resources, and buy that land if you can afford. Remember that prices are not always based on quality and there’s always a bargain to be found.

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What next for the game?

Q4 2022

Pixels’ roadmap has a couple of exciting developments for the end of 202. The team will be creating and launching its own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This is in keeping with Pixels’ stated aim of “gradual decentralization”.

Complete decentralization is the end goal. But an innovative and calculated approach to idealistic decentralization is necessary … we envision and are setting up systems that will allow for decentralized treasury management, economic planning, and more.

Pixels team

Pixels is also integrating 1,000 new NFTs into its gameplay. This means a new collection of in-game items and assets that players can use to progress through their farming adventure.

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