With Succession‘s finale now nearly two weeks behind us, star Kieran Culkin has given his thoughts about Roman’s fate after the HBO series’ conclusion.

What does Kieran Culkin think happened to Roman after the Succession finale?

In an interview with Variety, the actor was asked about his thoughts on Roman Roy’s fate after he’s seen alone in a bar in the series finale.

“None of the siblings are in a particularly good place at the end. I’ve heard that interpretation, and I think that’s interesting,” Culkin noted. “A lot of people just go, ‘Well, he’s got tons of money — he’ll be fine!’ Which just isn’t really the case for these people. I don’t think it’s as simple as, ‘Well, I guess I’ve got my riches and my martini, I’m fine.’ I don’t think he’s OK. No …

“I think he not only just genuinely loves his family, I think he needs them. Now that it’s done, and he’s out, and they’re all out: When is he going to see them again? Who does he have? He has fucking nobody. That’s it. And siblings are out there, somewhere. And it’s not like we’re gonna get together for a beer. He’s very much alone. Have you ever seen Roman with a friend?

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Succession’s run is complete after four seasons and 39 episodes. The HBO drama has been met with universal acclaim, winning two Emmy wins for Outstanding Drama Series in 2020 and 2022. Culkin has been nominated for two Emmy Awards thus far for his performance as Roman Roy.

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