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Nothing says Pride Month like opening up about your sexuality! For British Vogue‘s July 2023 issue, The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey, 19, explained what their sexual orientation is. “You never fully know who you are, it’s ever-evolving,” the non-binary actor said. “But I certainly think that people have gathered that I’m not 100 percent straight. I’m a little bit wavy, you know? That’s what I like to say.”

Bella Ramsey british vogue
Bella Ramsey for ‘British Vogue’s July 2023 issue. (Tim Walker)

Bella revealed that they are non-binary during a Jan. 2023 interview with The New York Times and have since spoken publicly about it. During the 19-year-old’s chat with British Vogue, however, Bella got into more detail about how they have changed what pronouns they use now. “I had a lot of anxiety around pronouns. When The Last of Us first came out, I was like, ‘Everyone just call me ‘she’ because I look like a ‘she’ to you, so it’s fine’”, they said. “But now I’m able to vocalize it more, being called ‘they’ is the most truthful thing for me. That’s who I am the most.”

While working on the hit HBO series alongside actor Pedro Pascal, 48, Bella also noted that the cast and crew remained supportive of their identity. “The costume supervisor would put several different undergarments in my room: a regular bra, a binder, a sports bra,” they told the outlet. “She’d say, ‘You just pick whatever is most comfortable for you today,’ and in the end it was just a binder. There was never anyone pressuring me.” Bella also revealed during a Feb. 13 interview with British GQ  that they wore a binder “90 percent” of the time on the show.

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Bella Ramsey
Bella Ramsey at the 2023 Met Gala. (Carl Timpone/

Of course, Bella couldn’t talk about cast and crew support without expressing gratitude for Pedro, who has a transgender sister. “I always felt like he had my back; we take care of each other,” they said of the 48-year-old. Later, the UK native played it coy when asked about their dating life. “I’m 19, so figuring that out’s gonna be a part of my life,” they explained. “Relationships are so complex anyway, and if you’re in the public eye, everyone having an opinion about them adds an extra layer of difficulty.”

More so, Bella expressed gratitude for the LGBT community for their continuous support of them and the show. “The fact that the LGBTQ+ community – my community – is supporting me and uplifting me and making me feel cool is such a privilege,” they gushed. “I feel very protected, and I couldn’t be more grateful.” The Last of Us Season 2 is set to start production in the fall and will also feature an on-screen girlfriend for Bella’s character, Ellie. “Yeah, 100 per cent, I can’t wait for that storyline,” they said of their upcoming on-screen romance.

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