Instagram account hacked? Here’s how to get it back

Have you been the victim of a hacker attack against your Instagram account? The social has given birth to a hub to help users, especially when they think they’ve been the victim of a breach. The hub is already live and available to users worldwide.

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Until now, you had to rely on support pages and there was no single dedicated place to find simple, quick and affordable guidance for all hacking scenarios. The new hub fills this gap and inside we find a multitude of options divided by situations, such as the violation of an account, the loss of a password and much more.

Not only that, the help hub also helps those who find fake accounts that use our data, our images and other personal details. Once we have chosen the scenario that embodies our current problem, Instagram will lead us to the appropriate support page where we will be able to find resources for a quick resolution of our problem.

There is also the possibility of naming two Instagram contacts to recognize us as the legitimate owners of an account. To proceed, Instagram will first ask you to enter the last login password that you remember, and then to choose two Instagram friends to help verify your identity. They will only receive a prompt asking them to confirm ownership of the hacked account.

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Once your identity and account ownership status is confirmed, Instagram will take care of the rest. While it’s not necessary, it’s always a good idea to let your chosen contacts know ahead of time that they’ll be receiving an account verification request soon and that they should approve the request. The system is very reminiscent of the way Apple allows users to choose recovery contacts in advance in case they lose access to their account.

Hoping you don’t need to use it, this is the link that leads to the help page, where through some simple steps we will simplify the process of recovering an account. Good luck!

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