Understandably, some fans are wondering if the new Kraven the Hunter movie will feature Spider-Man. Some are even wondering “Is Tom Holland in the new Kraven film?” Here is the need-to-know info about Spider-Man potentially appearing in Kraven the Hunter.

Will Spider-Man be in the new Kraven the Hunter movie?

Spider-Man could make an appearance in the new Kraven the Hunter movie, but it hasn’t yet been confirmed.

At the time of writing, the future of Spider-Man is pretty up in the air. It’s unclear exactly what the plans are for the live-action version of the hero, including any potential cameos in Kraven the Hunter or other Sony/Marvel/Disney movies.

With Kraven the Hunter being known as one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains in the comics and TV show, veteran fans might be expecting the web-slinger to show up either to fight Kraven or as a cameo during the inevitable post-credits scene.

Spiders can be seen falling down in the first Kraven the Hunter trailer, potentially hinting at the presence of Spider-Man. However, we’ve seen this kind of tease before and it didn’t pay off. During the Venom movie, Carnage crushed a spider, which many fans thought was a hint at an upcoming fight with Spider-Man. Sadly, for those hoping Venom and Spider-Man would battle, nothing came of it.

While it’s certainly possible for a version of Spider-Man to pop up in Kraven the Hunter, with it potentially being Tom Holland, it’s just as likely that Spider-Man will not appear. Judging from the trailer, there already seems to be a lot of key characters populating the movie. Perhaps Spider-Man would be one too many and best saved for a future film.

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