K-Pop Group SEVENTEEN Drops Teaser for ‘Face the Sun’ Album’s Title Track ‘HOT’

SEVENTEEN recently dropped the teaser for their title track, HOT. The teaser that was received with much pomp by fans highlighted the K-pop band in a more unconventional light and served listeners a gothic yet rebellious vibe with its catchy beats and unique sound. ‘Face the Sun’ is the fourth full-length album from the K-pop band and consists of a total of nine songs all sung by the band as a group and including no solos. The album has undertones of power coupled with its equally powerful beats that ensures a dopamine-packed experience for the listener.

The title track, HOT, combines jarring hip hop beats with the versatility of the western guitar which results in a hyped-up tune subdued with melodic tones. HOT, on a more symbolic level, showcases SEVENTEEN in a fight of their own as they take the long and tough route under the scorching sun towards achieving their goals in the face of adversity and external pressure. HOT also represents the singers’ journey to be like the sun, who is extremely rare and a one-of-a-kind force.

Songs from the same album including ‘DON QUIXOTE’, ‘March’, ‘Domino’, ‘About You’ and ‘Ash’, are more on the upbeat and louder side and are sung following the energetic genres of Pop, Rock and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). ‘DON QUIXOTE’ is a concoction of both rock and hip-hop and is characterised by startlingly perfect vocals.

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The theme of energetic beats is kept consistent in ‘March’, which is characterised by the typical elements of an energetic song but stands out due to its perfect harmony between the guitar and synthesisers. ‘Domino’ on the other hand, took the opposite route and combined alternative beats with pop music elements, which serve as another dopamine booster for fans.

‘Shadow’ and ‘If You Leave Me’ are on the slower side as opposed to the other songs and leave the listener in a strange mixed state bordering between melancholy and relaxation. The former does have elements of pop in it but ‘If You Leave Me’ is an emotional ballad through and through, via Pinkvilla reports.

‘Face the Sun’ will be arriving in style on the 27th of May this year, as reported by Billboard.

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