Kevin Costner is accusing his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner of seeking a larger sum of child support for her own benefit, according to a recent report from TMZ.

Costner and Baumgartner — who filed for divorce from Costner last month citing “irreconcilable differences” — are at odds over what a proposed child support payment from Costner would look like.

According to court reports made on June 28, 2023 (via TMZ and Insider), Baumgartner is agreeing to move out of the family’s palatial California estate, but only if he agrees to pay $248,000 a month in child support.

“Kevin’s statement…that I have ‘refused’ to move out is simply not true,” Baumgartner said in her most recent divorce declaration. “Since the initiation of this divorce, I have repeatedly told Kevin (both directly and through counsel) that I would move out once a child support order or agreement was in place. And I have taken steps to demonstrate my commitment to doing so by investigating available housing options.”

According to Costner’s forensic accountant, however, the actor alleges that Baumgartner’s expenses are being calculated with her in mind as well. Some of the expenses, according to Costner’s accountant, include various cosmetic surgeries, boutique shopping, and expenses that Costner’s attorneys say have nothing to do with child support.

“Kevin wants me to rent a place without a financial plan in place,” Baumgartner said in the June 28 declaration. “However, I have our three children to think about. It is contrary to their best interests to commit to a rental that I may not be able to afford, particularly as that would ultimately lead to multiple relocations.”


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