When it comes to buying and building the best Commander decks in Magic: The Gathering sure to guarantee a win, turning to the most powerful reconstructed kits is the way to go. Introduced on June 17, 2011, the mega-popular Commander format, also known as Elder Dragon Highland (EDH), adopts a gameplay mechanic developed by Adam Staley in the 1990s and Sheldon Menery in the 2000s. The format consists of players using 100-card decks, with each card (minus basic lands) appearing only once. Players opt for a legendary creature or Planeswalker to command their army, and enter the battlefield using the Command Zone.

In 2011, five Precon Commander decks were introduced, including Heavenly Inferno and Mirror Master, with each deck built around an MtG Commander and a specific mechanical theme. With each passing year, new pre-built Commander decks have been introduced for players to consider, with many offering far more beneficial perks than others. For instance, Commander decks with three or fewer colors tend to be the most effective, as they protect against color failure. Other factors must be considered when choosing the most formidable Commander deck when looking for guaranteed victory, such as mana costs, artifacts, enchantment, elemental magic, and more.

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10 Guided By Nature

MTG's Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury

Guided by Nature is a potent mono-green Commander deck led by the Planeswalker Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury. A perfect deck for beginners in Commander, Guided By Nature keeps the dynamic simple by using an all-green team with a focus on swarming elves that utilize powerful mana-boosting attacks.

While the deck has a few underwhelming enchantments, the powerful MtG Planeswalker will prevail to the end thanks to such standouts Priest of Titania, which taps for one green per every elf on the battlefield. Elvish Archdruid also grants +1/+1 for every elf the card controls, which is a surefire way of keeping the army intact for the long haul. Moreover, Skullclamp is a valuable artifact card that allows the team to draw 2 cards when the creature who holds it dies. Paired with Emerald Medallion, which gives the holder the ability to cast a spell for one less mana cost, players can add to their hand without paying more.

9 Adaptive Enchantment

MTG's Estrid, The Masked

Adaptive Enchantment is a tri-colored deck led by Commander Estrid, The Masked in the best digital card-collecting game around. The Blue/Green/White build emphasizes synergized enchantment by mixing a formidable combination of standard enchantments with upgraded enchantment creatures and powerful auras.

Since most oppositional themes tend to prioritize creature removal over ways to wipe out enchantments, the deck is much more effective than one might assume. Cards like Bear Umbra ramps creatures and grants mana boost, a perk sure to help armies find victory, while Eidolon of Blossoms allows for card retention to gain a hand-size advantage. With several loyal lieutenants for support and access to Sol Ring, a broken card that tips the scales in a holder’s favor by offering colorless mana acceleration with zero consequences, Adaptive Enchantment is like a cheat code.

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8 Prismari Performance

MTG's Zaffai Thunder Conductor

Prismari Performance is a supremely balanced Red and Blue deck led by Zaffai, Thunder Conductor in the best isometric RPG around. Ideal for those who’re intent on spell-slinging their way to victory, Zaffai is a terrific commander who can scry when casting one-shots and provide powerful effects that accrue over time and ensure the army grows stronger as the game progresses.

What really makes the deck suited for guaranteed victory are the relatively cheap yet ultra-powerful upgrades based on spell copies and combos. For instance, while Dulcaster Mage and its Magecrafting ability are potent on their own, pairing storm cards like Grapeshot and the broken Mind’s Desire with combo cards like Atherflux Reservoir grants absurd levels of power that can nearly end the game in an instant. And that doesn’t even include legendary artifacts like Prymancer’s Goggles, which assist in copying spells.

7 Devour For Power

MTG's The Mimeoplasm

Devour For Power is an incredibly potent Commander deck led by The Mimeoplasm in arguably the best action RPG of all time. When the leader of the Green/Blue/Black deck enters the field, he can exile two creatures from any graveyard while becoming a copy of the first and gaining +1/+1 countries on par with the second creature’s power.

If that wasn’t compelling enough, the rest of Mimeoplasm’s army mills players and fills the graveyards, allowing the commander to duplicate high-cost creatures in the process. By pairing Mimeoplams’ ramped potency with duplicated creatures like Artisan of Kozilek and Avatar of Woe, players can quickly overrun the board and manage to score the all-important 21 Commander damage rate needed to outlast opponents. With extra lands to prevent mana depletion and color issues as well, Devour for Power even boasts a backup commander in Skullbriar, The Walking Grave, who can step in should something happen to Mimeoplasm.

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6 Planar Portal

MTG's Prosper, Tome-Bound

An incredibly synergistic Rakdos Commander deck that MtG beginners should know about, Planar Portal is ruled by Prosper, Tome-Bound. The Red/Black deck focuses on using card advantages and surplus mana gained from boosting up and cascading down as a way to finish the game victoriously. When all else fails, Prosper can also wield the lethal Deathtouch to neutralize hardship.

The most valuable aspect of the Planar Portal is its ability to generate Treasure tokens. This is done by exiling the top card from the library and casting it as normal afterward. Treasure tokens make ramping much easier and more affordable, which will greatly assist a player’s push for victory by preserving excess mana. Aside from gaining additional cards as well as extra mana, generating treasure makes combos like Marionette Master (battlefield artifact) and Reckless Fireweaver (graveyard artifact) much smoother.

5 Draconic Domination

MTG's The Ur-Dragon

Draconic Domination is a mega-powerful 5-color deck led by Commander The Ur-Dragon in the strategic trading card game. The first complete-color deck of its kind, having the ability to bombard the board with powerful dragons in every color gives players a distinct advantage from the jump. The Ur-Dragon’s Eminence ability is so broken that it can be used even when the commander is located inside the Command Zone.

The Eminence ability reduces the cost of all dragon spells (even those off-board) by one measly colorless mana, which, while seemingly unfair, will lead to almost sudden victory no matter what. Aside from casting a huge swarm of potent dragons for little cost or blowback, the color-coded division of labor (green ramps, blue draws, etc.) make it very easy to pinpoint mana usage and dominate the competition en route to victory.

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4 Vampiric Bloodlust

MTG's Edgar Markov

Vampiric Bloodlust is a deadly Vampire-Tribal deck full of beautiful MTtG cards led by Commander Edgar Markov, a Vampire Knight with ultra-powerful Haste and First Strike abilities. The Mardu deck grants protection from white and removals for black and red, allowing for the most potent vampires in print to join the cause, be they Rakdos or Orzhov.

Edgar Markov has the power to load the board with 1/1 vampire tokens through the almighty Eminence ability, a severely broken card that promotes one advantage after another. For instance, each vampire cast spawns an added vampire token. When paired with the Captivating Vampire card (present in the deck), as many as 10 creatures will flood the board on the next turn even after a mass removal takes place. Even the non-vampire utilities like Disrupt Decorum and Teferi’s Protection balance the overall synergy and staples to create an immortal deck indeed.

3 Plunder The Graves

MTG's Meren Of Clan Nel Toth

One of the best Commander decks In Magic: The Gathering, Plunder The Graves is a highly potent Green/Black build led by Commander Meren of Clan Nel Toth that focuses on reanimation magic free of cost. Meren rewards every creature’s death under her control with one experience counter. In the final step, Meren resurrects the creature from the graveyard and returns it to either the hand or field depending on the number of counters.

Being able to reanimate powerful creatures while also gaining counters will consistently keep the army safe in numbers. Better yet, even if Meren dies, the army will retain the experience counters, meaning that once the Commander returns, play resumes where it left off. The deck is also loaded with many formidable self-sacrificing creatures like Shriekmaw, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Fleshbag Marauder, Mycoloth, etc., which give the necessary ramp needed while still being able to sacrifice themselves.

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2 Built From Scratch

MTG's Daretti, Scrap Savant

Led by one of the best MtG Planeswalker cards, Built From Scratch is a mono-red Artifact deck guided by Daretti, Scrap Savant. Unlike stereotypical mono-red decks like Krenko, Mob Boss, Built From Scratch focuses on reanimating artifact creatures by circumnavigating high mana costs through the Commander’s first ability (discard and draw 2 cards).

Once the Commander’s second ability (sacrifice and resurrect an artifact), the already extremely potent artifact creatures like Goblin Welder, Mycosynth Wellspring, and Wurmcoil Engine have added effects such as Deathtouch and lifelink when they return the board. If Daretti, Scrap Savant is able to use the ultimate ability, which grants an emblem whenever an artifact is placed in a graveyard, it’s practically game over for the opponent. Built From Scratch is solid from the start, easy to upgrade, and built to last.

1 Breed Lethality

MTG's Atraxa Praetors Voice

Despite the card’s disturbing art, Breed Lethality is led by arguably the most powerful Commander in Magic: The Gathering. Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice is armed with Flying, Vigilance, Deathtouch, Lifelink, and the ability to Proliferate at the end of turn. That alone would nearly allow the Commander to defeat the game single-handedly, but the four-color deck (red is absent) is better defined by its Partner mechanic, which bolsters its potency through counters.

Breed Lethality emphasizes the manipulation of +1/+1 counters. Combined with included creatures like Reyhan, Last of Azban, Ghave, Guru of Spores, Deepglow Skate, and Kalonian Hydra, the powerful result will reduce an opponent’s board to near rubble in no time. Despite the overabundance of basic lands for such a multicolored deck, the versatility the Partner mechanic offers even allows Atraxa to proliferate loyalty counters on Planeswalkers to increase their value and fortify the overall Magic: The Gathering deck.

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