One of the most important things for Barbie is her fashion and director Greta Gerwig made sure that was conveyed in her upcoming film.

Architectural Digest recently went behind the scenes of the Barbie set to learn how the world was brought to life, and one of the highlighted features was the fashion doll’s infamous closet.

Gerwig told the magazine that she remembered as a child “standing in Toys “R” Us, looking at Barbies with the plastic sheet [over the box] and everything, and you wanted to take it off and take everything apart and touch everything.”

That plastic covering inspired the design behind Barbie’s closet in the movie, which included glass doors that open to a “magical wardrobe” with items perfectly placed along the wall.

Robbie said that they were all “very excited” about the design of the closet and the clothes inside of it. She added, “We were saying that the wardrobe in Clueless, like, the bar was set so high, and we would really like to do something that is as cool as that.”

The actress also teased what audiences can expect to see when Barbie does her outfit changes in the film. “Each day, her outfit is already magically here in her wardrobe,” Robbie explained. “She opens the doors, all she needs to do is look at it, gives a spin, and then it’s on her body and she walks off, and her outfit for the next day is sitting in the wardrobe behind her.”

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The movie’s production designer Sarah Greenwood recently opened up to AD about how they put together the iconic pink set design and said that due to construction, there ended up being an international shortage of the fluorescent shade of Rosco paint. She added, “The world … ran out of pink.” 

Barbie is set to hit theaters July 21.

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