Marlon Wayans Won’t Do White Chicks 2 Unless They Can Do Makeup Digitally

Despite previously seeming to be up for making White Chicks 2, Marlon Wayans has shot down a possible sequel as long as makeup is involved.

Although Marlon Wayans has teased White Chicks 2 for many years, even suggesting that now would be an excellent time to make a sequel to his 2004 hit movie as recently as last year, it seems that there may be one thing that stops the film from ever being made and that is the makeup process required. Although fans keep asking for a sequel of the controversial comedy to be made, Marlon Wayans recently had a funny response about there being any chance of him getting back into the movie’s character again.

White Chicks was certainly not a hit with critics when it was released, but it did manage to be a financial hit and is now a certified cult movie. The film tells the story of two FBI agents who go to a fashion event undercover as two white women in the hope of finding the perpetrator behind a series of high-profile kidnappings. Although the movie, with its storyline that sees two black men becoming two white women, has often been brought up during discussions about race and the use of blackface, that has not stopped many people from wanting the Wayans brothers to return for a sequel.


As part of GQ’s Iconic Characters series, Marlon Wayans talked about White Chicks and how he is always asked when he will be doing another movie. However, it is clear from his hilarious response that it is likely something that will not happen. He said:

“Makeup movies, until they learn how to digitally do it, special effects wise [no thanks]. That’s a lot of work. Everybody’s like, ‘Do White Chicks 2,’ I’m like, ‘F—k yourself, you do White Chicks 2! I’m doing Black man movies.’”

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White Chicks 2 Has Been Developed Previously But Never Made it to Production

Although Wayans seems reluctant to put himself through another hours-long procedure to become a movie character and would be happier playing ones that only require him to turn up and play the part, White Chicks 2 has been in development several times in the past. Sony was behind the first attempt at a sequel in 2009, but the project came and went without much fanfare.

Over the several years that followed, Wayans was involved in a number of unsuccessful attempts to get the film off the ground. In 2019, Terry Crews revealed in an interview that a White Chicks sequel is still in development and a real possibility, but the Wayans have shot down that statement and said there has been no official deal between them and Sony to return to the franchise.

While there are a lot of movies currently getting legacy sequels and revivals, it seems that the ship may well have sailed on a possible follow-up of White Chicks, with Wayans making it clear that he doesn’t want to ever have to go through the trauma of prosthetics and makeup for any of his future roles. With this being a pretty final statement, for all its humor, fans of the movie will just have to make do with what they already have.

Marlon Wayans Says White Chicks 2 Is 'Necessary' Now More Than Ever

Marlon Wayans Says White Chicks 2 Is ‘Necessary’ Now More Than Ever

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