In a move geared towards addressing community concerns, Moonbirds has unveiled $TALONs, its forthcoming points-based rewards system for NFT holders. In the coming months the team is expected to replace ‘nesting’ with this new token-based staking mechanism.

In the past, community members have expressed dissatisfaction with the evolution of the popular PFP collection. However, the upcoming launch of the rewards system and other initiatives such as the “Diamond Exhibition” and “Mythic Eggs” should put these concerns to rest.

On April 17, through a Parliament Space event, Moonbirds revealed an upcoming beta launch of $TALONS, a points-based reward system that will replace nesting. Kevin Rose, founder of Moonbirds, likens the system to credit card reward points that will be earned every day by those that stake their Moonbirds NFTs.

A Pivot Away from the Usual Token Based Rewards

Moonbirds new $TALONS reward structure looks set to operate differently to the usual token based affair. Essentially, allowing holders to collect points that they can then exchange for benefits within the Moonbirds ecosystem. By avoiding a specific monetary reward for staking, Moonbirds hopes to circumvent any future regulatory concerns surrounding speculative assets.

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Launched last April, Moonbirds remains one of the most popular PFP projects around. The collection is the tenth most traded NFT project of all time, with over $643 million in total sales as of press time.

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