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Resident Evil 4 is receiving a high-profile remake in 2023, but the next game in the series to receive a remake should be Code: Veronica.

The next Resident Evil game to receive a remake will be Resident Evil 4 in 2023, but there are other games in the series that are more in need of a remake, with Resident Evil – Code: Veronica ahead of the pack. Code: Veronica is one of the few Resident Evil games to lack a modern remaster, with the only way to play the game on modern systems being the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. This is odd, considering Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 both received the remaster treatment, and Resident Evil 2 and Resident 3 have full-blown remakes, with Resident Evil 4 on the way.


Code Veronica was originally meant to be Resident Evil 3, but a licensing deal Capcom had with Sony forced the game to be a spin-off, as it was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast. The game stars Resident Evil 2’s campaign protagonist Claire Redfield, as she’s trapped in the Rockfort Island prison following an outbreak of the T-Virus. Chris Redfield from the original Resident Evil arrives later in the story, in search of his sister. The story follows up on the plot threads established in the earlier games, including exploring the origins of the Umbrella Corporation, and the fate of Albert Wesker.

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It’s possible to play the HD remaster of Code: Veronica (called Code: Veronica X) on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S through backward compatibility. It’s notable that it’s one of the few Resident Evil games that’s not playable on Nintendo Switch, nor does it have a Steam release. Code: Veronica X was an Xbox Gold game in the past, but it has otherwise been left behind by Capcom. This is a shame, as it’s a great game that’s hampered by some antiquated design choices.

Code Veronica Needs A Remake More Than Resident Evil 4

Code: Veronica retained the fixed camera angles of the older Resident Evil games, as well as the tank controls. This will instantly put off a lot of modern gamers, especially those who are used to the freer control options available in the Resident Evil remasters. Code: Veronica has some other frustrating elements, most notably Claire’s boss battle on the plane being unwinnable (or almost impossible to finish) if the player hasn’t prepared well in advance, forcing many a frustrating restart of the game.

Capcom is currently promoting Resident Evil 4 with gory gameplay trailers in the run-up to its 2023 release, which has led to some discussion surrounding Code: Veronica. Resident Evil 4 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi was asked by Noisy Pixel about the prospect of a Code: Veronica remake, replying that nothing is in the works at the moment, as Capcom is focused on the Resident Evil 4 remake, but that it could happen in the future. Code: Veronica is in far more need of a remake than Resident Evil 4, however. The gameplay of Resident Evil 4 is still brilliant to this day and the HD remaster means that it’s accessible on pretty much every platform. Resident Evil – Code: Veronica not only needs a graphical and gameplay update, but it needs to be made more accessible on modern systems.

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