Warning! SPOILERS about Outlander season 7, episode 1 and the Outlander books ahead.

Starz’s Outlander returned with a bang, continuing multiple storylines from season 6 and reintroducing past characters in the season 7 premiere. Resuming right after the events of Outlander season 6’s action-packed finale, the episode managed to offer a solution to Claire’s problems with the law with an unexpected revelation from one of Claire’s staunchest opponents in Outlander season 6. Outlander season 7, episode 1’s ending with Jamie and Claire’s reunion was a happy moment for the series, whereas season 6 only threw problem after problem at them.

Also, the Outlander season 7 premiere continued Roger and Brianna’s story while reintroducing a pivotal character unseen since one of Claire’s worst moments. Simultaneously, the episode, wrapped up loose ends from Outlander season 6 and set up new storylines tied to the time period Jamie and Claire are living through in North Carolina as well as their family story in the past two seasons. Overall, Outlander season 7, episode 1 was nothing short of eventful, offering all sorts of much-needed developments.

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Roger’s Work Brings Wendigo Donner Back To Outlander

Brennan Martin as Wendigo Donner in Outlander season 5

Roger and Bree’s relatively pleasant travels continued from Outlander season 6, as Roger actively started to train as a reverend. While Roger’s career choice already puzzled Bree in Outlander season 6 even if she always tried to be supportive, Roger meeting the conscripted soldiers due to go north caused problems between them in the Outlander season 7 premiere. Roger’s quote from the future got him recognized by a fellow time traveler, reintroducing Wendigo Donner, who was part of the group that abducted Claire in Outlander season 5, following the orders of Lionel Brown, who expressively used violence with the intent of putting Claire back in her place.

Feeling the kinship because Roger himself wasn’t proud of what he witnessed when he first got to the past, he wanted to help Wendigo practically, but Bree could have never accepted that, as she blamed him for not helping Claire. While Donner’s appearance in the book is closely connected to meeting the MacKenzies, as he makes himself recognizable by whistling “Yellow Submarine,” his return in Outlander season 7 changes his story. Indeed, even if he triggered problems between the two, Wendigo Donner was still a conscript about to leave the village, and Roger only praying for him didn’t free him.

Tom Christie’s Offer Lets Jamie Avoid Publicly Taking A Side In The Revolution

Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie in Outlander season 5

Since Jamie accepted the role as Indian Agent for the crown in Outlander season 5 only so that it wouldn’t have gone to Lionel Brown, he was always careful in how he behaved with the British, supporting the American cause and knowing the British would have succumbed. Christie’s offer to confess to the murder of his daughter Malva effectively let Jamie off the hook, as Governor Martin wanted Jamie to gather soldiers for the British cause in exchange for Claire’s freedom. While Christie had his own reasons to offer his freedom up for Claire, the consequences of his confession allowed Jamie not to publicly take a side in the Revolution.

Considering his past with the British and everything they represented, Jamie would have never gathered forces for them, even more so as he knew those he convinced to fight for the British would have died for a lost cause. Jamie’s loyalties were already put to the test because of his friendship with Lord John Grey, who could have only supported the crown, but Claire’s safety was even more important to him, so Governor Martin using her freedom as a bargaining chip was incredibly sly. Thankfully, Tom Christie’s confession in Outlander season 7, episode 1 delayed the moment Jamie will have to openly take a stand.

Outlander Still Hasn’t Revealed The Truth About Malva

Jessica Reynolds as Malva Christie in Outlander season 6

Tom Christie’s confession and his talk with Claire in the Outlander season 7 premiere detailed the reasons for his supposed murder of his daughter, but Malva’s killer in Outlander season 6 is still unknown. Similarly to the books, Christie confessed that Malva wasn’t his real daughter but his niece, and his comments about her slyness making her a witch seemed convincing. However, neither Claire nor Jamie believed he was the killer, especially as he offered himself as leverage for their safety on their trip out of Fraser’s Ridge in Outlander season 6.

While the books explicitly name a killer, Outlander season 7, episode 1 let Tom Christie solve the mystery by offering himself up. Still, with Claire and Jamie not believing him and the identity of Malva’s baby’s father still unknown, Outlander season 7, episode 1 didn’t clear up Malva’s heinous murder. Given that her story and death are particularly tragic in the books, being at the hand of her half-brother Allan, who sexually abused her for years and was also the baby’s father, Outlander season 7 might have chosen to leave the mystery unsolved. Hopefully, though, Allan will be brought to justice in some way.

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Wendigo Donner’s Outlander Return Sets Up The Fraser’s Ridge Fire

Brennan Martin as Wendigo Donner in Outlander season 5 episode 12

The fire that destroys Fraser’s Ridge in the books – and for which Brianna traveled back in time to warn Claire and Jamie in Outlander season 4 – is set by time traveler Wendigo Donner because of his need for gemstones. However, Wendigo told Roger he had the gemstone to return to his time in Outlander season 7, episode 1, and his only problem consisted of being a conscript about to fight for the British because he was in jail. While Donner’s current situation doesn’t mean he won’t lose the gemstone, his appearance still set the destruction of Fraser’s Ridge in motion, which has troubled Jamie and Claire since season 4.

Outlander Season 7 Finally Reveals Why Christie Protected Jamie & Claire

Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie in Outlander-1

Jamie’s pride would have easily caused him to refuse Tom Christie’s offer, but he accepted because he recognized Tom’s love for Claire as the reason for his admission. Indeed, Tom’s choice to protect Jamie and Claire in the Outlander season 6 finale, guaranteeing that they wouldn’t be killed by Richard Brown’s forces, always puzzled the two. However, his unrequited love for Claire finally clarified why he changed his opinion of her, calling her “righteous” in Outlander season 6, and why he inquired over Jamie’s whereabouts and gave money to Claire in jail. Ultimately, Tom’s love for Claire solved her biggest problem, and Jamie and Claire will be forever grateful to him.

Outlander Season 7’s Premiere Ends The Browns’ Feud With The Frasers

Ned Dennehy as Lionel Brown and Chris Larkin as Richard Brown in Outlander season 5

The Browns’ feud with the Frasers had been going on since Outlander season 5, prompted by Lionel Brown’s hate for Claire and everything she stood for. After Marsali killed him as retribution for abducting and repetitively assaulting Claire in the Outlander season 5 finale, Lionel’s brother Richard essentially promised Jamie that he would make them pay for killing his brother. Richard’s whole campaign against Claire, painting her as a murderer in Outlander season 6 gave him the chance to avenge his brother, but it also involved the entire village and caused many problems for Jamie and Claire.

Outlander season 7’s cliffhanger ending saw Jamie confront Richard with every intention to kill him off, especially after he tried to put him on a ship back to Scotland precisely to separate him from Claire. Whether Jamie will actually kill off Richard Brown as he promised in the ending moments of the premiere or not, the character having found him means the feud is soon to be over. After all the pain the Browns caused Jamie and Claire, Outlander season 7, episode 2 has the chance to finally close that chapter for good.


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