The kill count of Stephen King’s horror villain Pennywise the Clown is much higher than the IT movies suggest. One Reddit user took to the platform to share their calculations for how many people Pennywise, also known as IT, has likely killed throughout the history of Derry, and the number is far higher than viewers of IT and IT: Chapter Two might anticipate from the action shown on screen.

A shape-shifting supernatural monster, IT takes the form of its victim’s worst nightmares in order to feed off their fear. As a result, Pennywise isn’t a typical horror movie villain, and it might appear upon watching IT and IT: Chapter Two that the monster’s kill count is relatively low, especially when compared to the likes of Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees. Thanks to the calculations of one IT fan, however, Pennywise might actually prove to be one of the deadliest horror movie villains of all time.


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Pennywise’s Kill Count Is In The Thousands

Pennywise in IT: Chapter Two

Though there are some IT characters just as scary as Pennywise, the film’s main villain proves to be its deadliest, with a kill count that actually reaches into the tens of thousands. Reddit user u/angelholme estimates that Pennywise actually took the lives of between 12,117 and 18,011 people. While the extent of Pennywise’s victims isn’t depicted in the big screen adaptation, this conclusion was reached through a calculation based on the information given in Stephen King’s original book.

As well as direct and explicit kills, like the murder of Georgie, Pennywise’s kill count includes catastrophic events that the supernatural entity is confirmed or suggested to have a hand in. These include the Kitchener Ironworks explosion, the burning down of The Black Spot, the actions of the Bradley Gang, and ultimately the collapse of Derry. The number put forward by u/angelholme is by no means concrete but clearly highlights how dangerous Pennywise is throughout the course of IT.

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Pennywise’s Surprising Kill Count Actually Makes Sense

Pennywise in IT

While 12,000-18,000 people might seem like an extremely high number for one villain, Pennywise’s large kill count actually makes a lot of sense. Firstly, Pennywise’s origin story explains that the evil entity has been terrorizing the town of Derry for 270 years, appearing once every 27-year cycle, which is plenty of time to rack up a kill count that puts other horror movie villains to shame.

In addition, IT’s status as a supernatural being also gives Pennywise advantages that human murderers like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees simply don’t have. While other horror movie villains are limited in their killing abilities – often only being able to take their victims one by one – Pennywise ostensibly has control over a whole town for nearly 300 years, meaning their kill count across IT has the potential to be far greater.

Source: u/angelhome / Reddit


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