Pokémon GO: Croagunk Spotlight Hour Guide

During Croagunk Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO, Trainers will receive a substantial XP boost and have a higher chance of encountering a Shiny Croagunk.

One of the five Spotlight Hour-featured pocket monsters in November 2022 of Pokémon GO is Croagunk, a Poison- and Fighting-type bipedal frog from Sinnoh. Specifically, Trainers will encounter a surge of Croagunk Wild Encounters on Tuesday, 8th November, from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. Those who have participated in any previous Spotlight Hour will know that during this one hour, dozens of Croagunks will appear in Pokémon GO around an individual’s position, regardless if their avatar is moving or standing still. As a result, the live event serves as an excellent time to catch a mass number of this pocket monster species.


The best way to prepare for Croagunk Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO would be to amass as many Poké Ball variants as possible. However, those who already possess Croagunk or have its evolved form, Toxicroak, might think such preparations are unnecessary. After all, Croagunk is not a highly sought-after Pokémon compared to others like Pikachu or Eevee. However, the reason Trainers should consider gathering extra Poké Balls is not for collecting more Croagunks but for the Spotlight Hour’s Bonus, “×2 XP for catching Pokémon.”

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How to Prepare for Croagunk Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO

According to the community-run Pokémon GO Hub, Croagunk Spotlight Hour will feature a Bonus that doubles the amount of XP received when successfully capturing a pocket monster in Pokémon GO. The experience received from catching creatures is also referred to as Catch XP and is one of the primary ways Trainers will level their character. Accordingly, having an XP boost for even a short period can be a massive boon for those attempting to rise in levels as a Pokémon GO Trainer. Leveling is important because one’s level affects the CP stat of a Pokémon found in the wild. Those with a higher level are much more likely to encounter a high-CP pocket monster.

Accordingly, Croagunk’s Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO provides an opportune moment for players to significantly boost their XP gain whilst capturing many bipedal Sinnoh frogs. It should also be noted that Croagunk can be Shiny during this hour, meaning that the Shiny spawn rate will be increased as a result of the Wild Encounter boost in Pokémon GO. Shiny Croagunk’s primary difference from its standard form is that its navy blue amphibian skin gains a bright turquoise tone. Therefore, Trainers are encouraged to participate in Croagunk Spotlight Hour for a chance to catch Shiny Croagunk and the opportunity to increase one’s level substantially in Pokémon GO.

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Source: Pokémon GO Hub

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