Little People, Big World season 24 is over, and it’s time to share facts about the series’ future. Since 2006, the Roloffs have opened up their farmhouse, so viewers can see different aspects of their everyday lives. The family has broken barriers, and made fans fall in love with their story. Little People, Big World season 24 showed the family in utter chaos thanks to Matt. He broke his promise to keep Roloff Farms within the family.

Last season, Little People, Big World showed the Roloff family being torn apart. Zach, who had been working under his father for years, was preparing to take over the farm, but after negotiations turned sour, the father and son duo didn’t speak for months. Many blamed Caryn Chandler, Matt’s longtime girlfriend, for butting in. The fallout got so bad that Zach and Tori chose to move their family out of state to Battleground, WA, so they could start their own lives. In retaliation, Matt asked his youngest son Jacob Roloff to come and lend a hand on the family farm. A new season should tie up the loose ends.


Little People, Big World Season 25 News

Matt was rushed to the hospital only three weeks ago, after a routine procedure didn’t go as planned. The Little People, Big World star posted from his hospital bed that he’d gone for a standard upper endoscopy to, “check out” his esophagus. Unfortunately, there were some complications with Matt, including issues with his stomach. The goal was for Matt to have his upper digestive system checked out, but he ended up having surgery. Matt also noted that, “more work” must be done, hinting that season 25 could capture his medical saga.

Amy has recently opened up about her troubled marriage to Matt. Matt and Amy have been navigating their divorce (and a new dynamic) for the last few seasons. Prior to Matt’s recent health scare, Amy spoke out on her Instagram Live about how lonely her marriage to Matt really was. For years, the two butted heads, and often fought while on family trips. Amy was frequently left to raise the children on her own, while Matt worked and played at Roloff Farms. The distance caused the couple to fall out of love with one another.

Is Little People, Big World Season 25 Confirmed?

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff From Little People Big World smiling together

Right now, whether Little People, Big World will make its triumphant return for season 25 is unconfirmed. Even though there’s no exact date, back in February, Matt shared a series of IG photos of the farm during a major snowstorm. In one image, a camera operator could be seen filming Matt while he filmed them. Most recently, Matt shared an update on how his new home (another farm) was coming along.

Amy’s also mentioned that she’s been filming for Little People, Big World season 25 while on her IG Live. In April 2023, Amy gave her biggest clue when she shared a photo of her pup, Daisy. The mother of four noted that her dog likes to sleep at her feet when she’s filming interviews for the show. In the snap, numerous cameras (and the sound crew) could be seen.

Little People, Big World Season 25 Potential Release Date

Matt Roloff from LPBW wearing cowboy hat smiling

Little People, Big World season 24 premiered back in November 2022. Even though there aren’t any more hints on when season 25 will hit screens, this date could be a good indicator of when the newest season might premiere. Fans of Little People, Big World could look towards late fall for the most recent installment of drama. New fall lineups have been announced late in the past, which may keep viewers on the edges of their seats.

Little People, Big World Season 25 Potential Cast

The Roloff Family LPBW posing outdoor in fall clothing group shot

While no one has been officially confirmed for Little People, Big World, it’s safe to assume that some familiar faces will return. Matt and Amy will most likely reappear as the main cast members in the series. Matt will focus his storyline on now owning all of Roloff Farms, and his recent engagement to Caryn Chandler. The couple will most likely air their wedding planning (and the big day) on the series, since every other Roloff family member has done the same.

Amy will still focus on her new marriage to Chris Marek. The two have been living their best lives as they ride motorcycles around the Oregon mountains. Zach may also come back with his wife, Tori, and two children. However, their participation could be rather scant since they continue to have issues with Matt. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have no interest in returning. However, the Little People, Big World alums moved down the road from the family farm. Jacob has been helping out, so it is possible that he’ll guest star in a few episodes. He’s extremely private, so that likelihood is low.

Sources: Matt Roloff/ Instagram, Amy Roloff/Instagram


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