Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to President Biden’s reception and “cognitive decline” while visiting Maui two weeks after the devastating fires.

SEAN HANNITY: We begin tonight in Maui and Hawaii, the tropical Hawaiian paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that will never be the same. Horrific scenes of nothing but devastation are everywhere. Entire city blocks up in smoke, families burned alive in their cars and in their homes. So far, 115 people are confirmed dead and 850+ are still missing. Two weeks after the fire, now it’s possible that up to a thousand people could have been killed during this blaze. We all hope and pray that’s not true, including a disproportionate number of children. They were sent home from school just as the fire burned out of control. And just to give a sense of scale here, less than 150 people were killed during Florida’s last cat 4 hurricane and around 1300 people were killed as a result of Hurricane Katrina. That was in New Orleans. In the aftermath of Katrina, George W Bush was excoriated days, weeks, months, years after the media mob well, for not visiting soon enough, not sending, spending sufficient time touring the devastation.

 But for some reason, the media mob don’t seem to care as much about Hawaii. And the pathetic response from Joe Biden is the equivalent of his Katrina. You wouldn’t know it from the media mob and their fawning coverage. Think about this. The president refused to visit Maui until spending multiple weeks on not one but two separate vacations, two. Now first, during a ten-day getaway at the beach in Delaware, where he struggled to move his beach chair while Biden couldn’t even be bothered to comment on the disaster. Literally shouting at the media mob, his friends, no, as they were asking for comment, a sympathetic word or remarks for the people of Hawaii. Then over the weekend, Biden arrived in Lake Tahoe for more rest and relaxation at a luxury waterfront mansion of one of his billionaire rich friends. It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that Biden finally took that short flight from Nevada to visit Maui in person on the ground well Joe’s motorcade was greeted by locals lining the streets with signs blasting Biden’s response, shouting, go home Joe Biden. 


And during his brief remarks, by the way, Biden appeared completely unprepared, apathetic, and, as per usual, befuddled and confused… Can you not see the cognitive decline is getting dramatically worse? 


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