Ten agents are available in tactical shooter Veiled Experts for players to use, each with their own unique skills and mechanics that make some the best for those new to the game. Seen within team-death matches, players usually participate in 5v5 battles where agents are pitted against each other, using their abilities to support teammates and eliminate opponents. Similar in some ways to the best competitive operators in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, agents are complex characters that players might struggle to learn at first.


Players are encouraged to try out various agents at their leisure before deciding which character works best for them. While certain agents are better for those unfamiliar with this shooter title, there is no correct answer for which agent works best for an individual. Experimenting with different agents might clue players into exactly who they want to use most of the time. However, players should keep in mind to research the Exclusive Lepton for each agent, which are the distinct skills only certain characters have.

The Best Beginner Friendly Agents

Veiled Experts Agent Luna with Exclusive Lepton Abilities for Players to Use in Battle

By far, the best three agents for starting players of Veiled Experts are Luna, Soy, and Nicki due to their beginner-friendly Exclusive Lepton abilities. Although players can assign Owned Lepton skills they unlock onto agents for passive bonuses akin to Survivor Perks from Dead by Daylight, the base skills of these three agents truly stand out among their peers. The most defining trait shared by all three of these characters is how they have straightforward tools for keeping themselves and their teammates alive throughout the most hectic encounters with enemy players.

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Exclusive Lepton Skills


  • Infighter – Recover 1 Health Point for every single hit to an enemy. Shotguns recover HP with every bullet.
  • Reina in Charge – Enter a Transfer state to restore 40 HP and increase movement speed for 10 seconds when health falls to 30% or lower.


  • Support Mode – Restore teammates’ health or Armor Plate in range over time. Also, recover 10 HP every 10 sec. (Mode 1: Health Restoration, Mode 2: Armor Plate Restoration)
  • Maintenance – Hold F to detect 1 enemy within a 30-meter radius around Soy Cha. (Cooldown: 30 sec)


  • Cybernetic Heart Acceleration – Recover 80 HP over 8 sec when revived from incapacitation.
  • Cybernetic Heart Recharge – Hold F when incapacitated to self-revive. (Cooldown: 180 sec)

How To Play Luna, Soy And Nicki

Veiled Experts Five Agents on Team Going into Battle with Different Equipped Weapons, Lipton Skills, and Abilities

Luna has perhaps the best kit for players just getting into the game, as Infighter allows them to restore their health by shooting opponents. In addition, the extra Transfer state given by Reina in Charge helps players stay alive in dangerous situations by buffing movement speed and health in equal measure to make a powerful starting agent. Meanwhile, Soy has the best early support tools for players just starting Veiled Experts since both Support Mode and Maintenance give teammates better defenses and information on enemy locations, similar to an ability held by Hanzo in Overwatch 2.

Nicki likely holds the best abilities for players struggling to stay active in combat, with Cybernetic Heart Recharge giving a way to get back into the fight. An easy-to-understand combo with Cybernetic Heart Acceleration to let players instantly regain nearly all their lost health, Nicki has excellent skills for those who want to stay active with their team even if they got taken down before. Nicki also has a signature move that earns players a lot of coins, making them definitely one of the best agents for new players in Veiled Experts.


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