The cloud will be at the heart of the Formula 1 championship for Oracle Red Bull Racing

Oracle Red Bull Racing has just kicked off the new Formula 1 season by unveiling its new car, the RB19, and announcing its new fan contact program “The Paddock”. Among the most significant innovations of the new season we find the possibility for fans to design the livery of the new car. The stable will be supported by Oracle technology, in particular by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle’s cloud in the new Formula 1 season

Oracle Red Bull Racing’s fan engagement platform, “The Paddock”, is powered by Oracle Cloud Customer Experience technology and this year will allow fans to participate in a contest where they can draw the livery of the team for the three US Grands Prix in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas.

The team will leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to run simulations that allow for the best strategy in the race. Over the course of last season, OCI reduced latency and increased the speed and volume of simulations, with an overall increase in the number of simulations of 25%. Oracle’s Red Bull Racing team estimates that it will perform this year nearly 4 billion simulations each weekendfor a total of almost 100 billion over the course of the entire season.

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OCI will also be used for the new engine design manufactured by Red Bull Powertrains (and Ford, as recently announced): specifically, it will provide some of the high-performance computing resources that will be used to design new ones power units.

It is, in fact, a continuation of the commitment we had already seen for the last championship: we had talked about it with Zoe Chilton, head of partnerships at Oracle Red Bull Racing.


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