The Flash’s Arrowverse Justice League Confirmation Is Too Little Too Late

The Flash just confirmed the Arrowverse’s Justice League to exist, but the reveal comes a little too late for the DC universe at The CW. The Arrowverse has been the home for many heroes over the years, with Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow, Grant Gustin’s The Flash, and Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl being the universe’s golden trio. The shared TV DC universe grew popular over the years due to how its heroes would cross over to each other’s shows for an episode or two, as well as the yearly crossover events that brought the entire Arrowverse together. It was during one of those crossover events that the Arrowverse’s Justice League was founded.


December 2019 and January 2020 marked the time the Arrowverse saw its most ambitious crossover event come to life. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” brought together the Arrowverse’s most important heroes but also managed to bring out some beloved characters from past DC shows and movies, such as Tom Welling’s Clark Kent from Smallville and Brandon Routh’s Man of Steel from Superman Returns. At the end of the crossover, a group of the Arrowverse’s premiere heroes formed at the Hall of Justice to found a new team, although that tease had gone nowhere, until now, with The Flash season 9 confirming the Justice League. However, it is too little too late.

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The Flash Confirms “The League” is The Crisis on Infinite Earths Team

The Flash Arrowverse Justice League Table

Crisis on Infinite Earths saw the foundation of a team of some of the Arrowverse’s elite heroes, which consisted of Martian Manhunter, Batwoman, White Canary, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Superman, and The Flash. The creation of the super team, still unnamed during the crossover, happened at an abandoned hangar that would later officially become the Arrowverse’s Hall of Justice. The heroes also united at a round table which included chairs with each hero’s logo, as well as a golden star right at the center. It was the Arrowverse’s Justice League in all but name, which The Flash season 9 has now confirmed.

The Flash season 9, episode 7 — “Wildest Dreams” — finally confirmed that the Arrowverse’s new hero team was the Justice League. After mentions of past off-screen adventures of the team and confirmation of the group’s base of operations being the Hall of Justice over the last couple of seasons of the Arrowverse shows, The Flash‘s final season finally named the team. It was fitting that the moment came in another crossover, as Supergirl hero Dreamer came to Central City. Both Dreamer and Iris West-Allen were trapped in the Dreaming — the Dream Realm — and Barry said he would “call the League” to figure out how to wake them up.

The Arrowverse’s Justice League Never Properly United

Arrowverse's Justice League in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Following the team’s creation during Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Arrowverse’s Justice League never properly united. Not long after the crossover event happened, Ruby Rose was revealed to be out of the Arrowverse as Batwoman. The move already took out one of the Justice League’s members, and the team would deal with another big issue that prevented it from coming together. Crisis on Infinite Earths put all the shows on the same Earth, Earth-Prime. That was meant to streamline the universe and facilitate more frequent crossovers between the many heroes to happen. However, there was no further meeting of the Justice League, as a real-world issue impacted the Arrowverse.

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The COVID-19 pandemic stopped the production of movies and TV shows all over the world, and the Arrowverse was deeply affected by it. A planned crossover between Batwoman and Superman and Lois was canceled due to the pandemic, and an Arrowverse crossover sprawling multiple shows was also absent from 2021. COVID-19 safety protocols made it hard for the shows to do a big crossover like Crisis on Infinite Earths, which would have been ideal for the Justice League.

The Arrowverse Is Ending So There’s No Future For Its Justice League

Arrowverse the flash supergirl arrow

More recently, several Arrowverse shows were canceled. Only The Flash, which will conclude with the currently-airing season 9, and Superman and Lois, which was retconned to take place on a different Earth, are left. The end of the Arrowverse comes at a time that DC is going through a major overhaul. James Gunn and Peter Safran are shaping up a new DC Universe, which will include movies, series, animation, and games. A second shared universe like the Arrowverse has become unnecessary. The Arrowverse’s ending means there is no future for its Justice League, but some heroes might still show up to help Barry one last time on The Flash season 9.

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