The Little Mermaid Remake Needs An Ursula & King Triton Spin-Off

Javier Bardem and Melissa McCarthy pitch a prequel spin-off of The Little Mermaid focused on Ursula and King Triton. The Little Mermaid teased a troubled past between siblings Triton and Ursula, with the latter banished to a cave. When Ariel first meets Ursula, she seems unaware that this is actually her aunt, knowing her from the rumors of the sea witch. The details about Ursula’s banishment are never revealed, which could be the perfect jumping-off point for a prequel.


Screen Rant spoke with Bardem and McCarthy about The Little Mermaid. Bardem excitedly shared his hopes for an Ursula spin-off. McCarthy agreed, pitching a hilariously lighthearted title. Check out the full quote and interview with McCarthy and Bardem below:

Javier Bardem: I’m asking for the spin-off of Ursula? What are you waiting for?

Melissa McCarthy: Yes. Come on! Siblings. Call it Squidlings. Squiblings!

Javier Bardem: And then because we are siblings we could have a Christmas party seeing what I’m having some dinner with her.

Melissa McCarthy: It writers itself Disney. Come on!

What A Prequel Of The Littler Mermaid Could Look Like

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula in The Little Mermaid

Ursula is one of Disney’s most infamous villains, and the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid shows exactly why she has stolen so many fans’ hearts. In Screen Rant’s interview with McCarthy, she breaks down Ursula’s emotional state, including how the isolation has impacted her. This could set up a very different Ursula in the past, who lost herself once banished. Ursula is a villain worthy of her own story being told, which Disney has done before with Cruella.

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An Ursula spin-off could also explore the other plot threads introduced in The Little Mermaid, including the death of King Triton’s wife, the relationship between the siblings, and the dynamic between the surface and ocean worlds. What motivated Ursula’s banishment? Could it be similar to Triton’s hatred of the human world, a reaction to the death of his wife fueled by grief, anger, and fear? Or did she try to steal the throne from her brother before?

An Ursula-focused prequel could also explore her interest in magic and how she became the notorious sea witch, making deals in her own favor with anyone desperate enough to find her. The Little Mermaid sets up an intriguing world by incorporating elements of mermaid mythology and a rich history that should be further explored. Ursula could be the perfect character to focus on in fleshing out the world of The Little Mermaid with a spin-off showing her downfall into a villain willing to do whatever it takes to take the power from her own brother.

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