Those looking for a Don’t Worry Darling ending explained guide no doubt have many questions to ask about the movie. If you’re wondering about what happened to Jack, Frank, the plane crash, and the fate of Alice, then keep reading. Just be wary of the spoilers!

Did Jack really die in Don’t Worry Darling?

It does appear that Jack really died in Don’t Worry Darling.

After Alice hits Jack over the head when defending herself, her friend Bunny reveals that if men die in the simulation, they also die in real life. The blow to Jack’s head appears to do significant damage. Though his death isn’t confirmed, it’s very likely.

Why did Shelley stab Frank?

As Frank loses control of the situation and Alice makes her escape, Shelley stabs her husband with a knife. As she stabs him, she says “It’s my turn now.” This hints at her taking over his role as leader of the simulation.

If there is ever some kind of sequel, you can expect Shelley to be in control.

What was the plane crash in the desert?

The plane crash in the desert can be interpreted in a variety of ways. I feel it is most likely Alice’s subconscious leading her simulated self towards the desert to discover a way out of the simulation.

Did Alice escape the simulation?

Yes, it seems that Alice did escape the simulation.

Though it’s not confirmed explicitly, as the scene fades to black, we do hear Alice breathing as though waking up. This can be interpreted as her escaping the simulation and being fully conscious within the real world.

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