John and Lonnie Hambrick were another brother duo featured on My 600-lb Life, and they have been faring well since their time on the show. My 600-lb Life shows how people averaging 600 pounds, usually more, come to meet Dr. Now to start their weight loss journey. The brothers were estranged coming into the show, and Dr. Now emphasized the psychology associated with food addiction as much as the gastric sleeve surgery his patients receive.

Unlike the Assanti brothers, John and Lonnie were each other’s support system throughout their 12-month journey on the show. John came on the show weighing in at 687 pounds, while Lonnie weighed in at 613 pounds. John lost 294 pounds and was 393 pounds by the end of his run on the show. On the other hand, Lonnie lost 245 pounds and was 368 pounds at the end of his 12-month journey. The brothers helped each other through their weight loss programs, which started with them admitting that their weight was keeping them from living the life they wanted.

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Lonnie Is Thriving After My 600-Lb Life

The brothers have moved on after John and Lonnie’s encounter with Dr. Now. Lonnie is a hairstylist in Texas and seems very happy with his new life. Lonnie posts about going to the gym and seems to have kept up with his weight loss routine. Additionally, he has a partner named Richard Gavadin. Fans commented on how far Lonnie’s weight loss journey has come, and that is one of the more inspiring journeys on My 600-lb Life.

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John Has A Coaching Job Post-My 600-Lb Life

John Hambrick my 600 lb life

On the other hand, John seems to have gotten a coaching job. He’s coaching football at a school district. Lonnie shared this in an Instagram post, explaining that John has always loved and connected to the sport. He blew the train horn for 14 years in case of a touchdown or a crucial moment in the game. Before John’s weight loss transformation, he wouldn’t have been able to coach the game effectively, but now, he can.

The brothers have undergone a true transformation since leaving the show. John and Lonnie’s story was inspiring because the two brothers understood what each other was going through and pushed themselves to succeed. John and Lonnie are leading quite a successful life after their time on My 600-lb Life.

Source: Lonnie Hambrick/Instagram

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