What Hunter Brown Has Been Up To Since Returning To Arizona

Janelle and Kody’s son, Hunter Brown, doesn’t appear on Sister Wives often, leading viewers to wonder what he’s been up to since returning to Arizona.

For the most part, Janelle and Kody’s son, Hunter Brown, has been keeping to himself since he moved back to Arizona, with Sister Wives viewers wondering what he has been up to. After graduating from the Air Force Academy as a biology major, Hunter decided he wanted to become a nurse. The TLC star recently graduated with a Master’s in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University and chose to move back home.

There was never any doubt that Janelle would always choose her six children over Kody, as she has always loved the company of her kids. Kody’s second wife has never been a controlling parent, often letting her children leave the nest on their terms. Sister Wives viewers developed an even deeper love for Janelle during a recent season when she shared how hard it was to go through the COVID-19 pandemic with her children and husband at odds. Hunter stood with his mother, making it clear that he would rather see his siblings than his own father.


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Hunter Brown’s Time In Arizona Explained

In July 2022, Janelle shared that her son, Hunter, was finally “local-ish” after seven years away from the family homestead. However, Hunter hasn’t shared exactly what he has been doing day to day. While home in Flagstaff, Hunter made sure to spend time with his mother and extended family. He even took time out to go to Medieval Times with Christine and Truely Brown. The former cadet also did some hiking and outdoor adventures while back in the desert.

Is Hunter Still In Flagstaff?

All signs point to the fact that Hunter may have, in fact, moved back to Las Vegas. In a recent Instagram post from his brother Logan’s wedding, it was noted in the comments by his girlfriend’s sister that they were the hottest “new couple in Vegas.” A quick search also shows that Hunter is working as a nurse within the Valley Healthcare System. Michelle Petty, Hunter’s newest sister-in-law, confined the move with her own comment.

Even though Hunter is relatively low-key with his social media posting compared to the rest of his Sister Wives family, his followers enjoy getting an update every once in and while. It’s expected that Hunter and the rest of his siblings are supporting their mother following her split from Kody. Janelle is considering moving closer to Christine and has been looking into homes in the Utah area. Janelle wouldn’t be too far away from Hunter if she chose to move.

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