A new Klingon Empire is rising, giving Star Trek: Day of Blood its shocking name, while making history as the franchise’s first comic book crossover event. When the ‘god war’ building across the Star Trek universe explodes in brutal fashion, rallying the Klingon Empire behind a bloodthirsty new dictator, every Trek fan will want to witness the instantly-infamous Day of Blood. And Screen Rant is pleased to confirm that this opening salvo is a new, must-read epic for every fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Lower Decks, and everything in between.


Officially hitting comic book shops on July 19th, 2023, Star Trek: Day of Blood #1 officially unites the ongoing Captain Sisko-led Star Trek and the renegade Worf’s Star Trek: Defiant comic series, along with the writing team of Christopher Cantwell, Jackson Lanzing, and Collin Kelly, art by Ramon Rosanas and Lee Loughridge. Both books have been facing the same new cosmic threat: the clone Emperor Kahless, fulfilling the mandate of his ancient predecessor by rallying allies and fanatics in bloody conquest… starting with a mission to kill every god-like being in the universe. But on the ‘Day of Blood,’ the new Klingon Emperor take his next, brutal step.

The Day of Blood Changes Star Trek History (And Its Future)

Star Trek Day of Blood 1 Cover

The clone Kahless began his ominous crusade in the original Star Trek: The Next Generation, triggering a crisis of loyalty (and identity) in Worf. As Starfleet’s best symbol of a Klingon future of unity, alliance, and progress, the brutal history embodied in Kahless made him a perfect foil. In the distant past, the original Kahless slew the “gods” that oppressed his people, and now, thousands of years later, his clone is picking up where the original left off.

That threat brought Benjamin Sisko back to his former plane of existence, seemingly sent by the Bajoran Prophets to oppose Kahless and his shocking god war. And that same threat turned Worf into a rogue operative, stealing a ship, assembling a crew of criminals and fugitives, and making Spock an enemy of the Federation. These actions were all taken to prevent a new Klingon war, and the scale of fanatical bloodshed Kahless seemed willing to accept in his mission (he is a Klingon, after all).

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Now all of those risks taken by Sisko, Worf, and their respective crews, all the quick thinking, and the life-or-death gambles in pursuit of peace have collided in Star Trek: Day of Blood #1. But the first issue of this universe-shaking event makes it clear that Kahless is a villain like few others, and this day is one that will be remembered in Star Trek history as synonymous with the clone emperor’s Red Path soldiers, and his vision for a new, brutal Klingon future.

Day of Blood Unites the Star Trek Galaxy in One Massive War

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The first true showpiece of IDW’s bold new vision for a Star Trek comic universe, Day of Blood has been built to for almost a year. The event had its prologue in this year’s Star Trek Free Comic Book Day Special, in which fans witnessed Kahless’ devoted ‘Red Path’ cult massacre a Starfleet ship. Fans also saw just how far Kahless’ reach extended, as the Red Path was attracting not only disaffected Klingons but Romulans, Cardassians, and Orions, as well. Star Trek: Day of Blood #1 builds on these plotlines, and the growing god war boiling just under the galactic surface as many, including the Klingon Chancellor Martok, are turning a blind eye to the Red Path. However, after the events of Day of Blood #1, they no longer can, as the god war erupts in a spectacular and horrifying display of violence.

For fans who have been eagerly following the god war, Star Trek: Day of Blood will not disappoint. The pieces that were set into motion nearly a year ago collide, bringing a long-simmering conflict to the surface. The decision to use Kahless as the centerpiece of a violent cult is a bold one, reflecting this grand new era of Star Trek comics. Furthermore, the cult itself is a potent villain–and one unlike any other seen in the franchise. In the past, empires like the Romulans and the Klingons were the primary threat to galactic security; Star Trek traditionally portraying them as monolithic entities. However, the Red Path bucks this trend, as its hateful ideology stretches across a variety of species. A nihilistic and violent death cult is a first for Star Trek. Lanzing, Kelly, and Cantwell have taken advantage of the comics medium to tell a new, bold type of Star Trek story.

Star Trek Day of Blood 1 Cover 2

The violence that has overrun the galaxy is the kind of chaos perfect for a new Klingon Empire, and Day of Blood #1 pulls no punches in showing the brutality of the Red Path. When Klingons turn on Klingons, and the galaxy shudders at the impact and potential future hanging in the balance, it will fall on Sisko and Worf (and their respective teams of beloved Trek crew members) to restore order as Star Trek’s first comics crossover makes franchise history.

Star Trek: Day of Blood #1 is on sale July 19th from IDW Publishing.


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