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The June 27 season finale of The Family Stallone was an emotional episode, as Sylvester Stallone planned a sentimental family trip for him, his wife, Jennifer Flavin, and their three daughters. However, not all went according to plan, and the hiccup in Sly’s plan definitely threw him off a bit. So much so, in fact, that he joked about wanting to “disown” one of his daughters. Shocking, right? Let us explain.

Sylvester Stallone running up the famous ‘Rocky’ steps in Philadelphia. (Shutterstock)

At the start of the episode, Sly was seen going through some memorabilia from all the movies he’s starred in, but a few that stuck out to him were the hat he wore in the Rocky franchise, and some busts that were modeled after his character in the Rambo franchise. And the objects got him all in his feels, so he told his family it’d be fun to go back to Philadelphia, where the Rocky movies took place. He wanted to climb the famous “Rocky Steps” again — the same ones he famous climbed in the 1976 movie, Rocky — and have his family by his side. The only problem? His youngest daughter, Scarlet, wasn’t interested.

Scarlet said she was just getting settled into her apartment and back into her life as a college student, so she didn’t want to just rearrange her schedule every time her family wanted her to go somewhere or do something with them. She had things to do, like plan some events for a sorority she’s either in or joining (we don’t quite remember), so she told her sisters that she wasn’t going to go and that was that. She said she was loving the newfound independence of her college lifestyle and was not ready to be pulled into Sly’s trip down memory lane.

Sly and Jennifer weren’t happy to hear that. When their two older daughters, Sistine and Sophia, told them that Scarlet wouldn’t be joining them on their two-day getaway to Philadelphia, they were heartbroken. Jennifer went as far as saying she was “disappointed”, but before they could all complain about Scarlet any further, Sly said, “It is what it is”, and he told them that they needed to just accept it. However, a day or two later, Sly called Scarlet, and left a voicemail for her, begging her to join them in Philadelphia. He said family is the most important thing in the world, and she should prioritize that over friends. He also said that he hoped she’d reconsider.

Once Sly, Jennifer, Sistine and Sophia arrived in Philadelphia, they sat down for a meal at a restaurant that was featured in the 2006 film Rocky Balboa. And during their get together, Sly joked about wanting to “disown” Scarlet for not joining them, but Jennifer told him not to kid around like that. Then, just a few seconds later, Scarlet walked in and surprised all of them. Sly and Jennifer couldn’t contain their emotions — they were so thrilled to have all their daughters with them for this amazing experience.

Then, when they were done eating, they all visited Sly’s childhood home before going to the Rocky movie steps — the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art — and walked up them together. Then, Sly shared some words of encouragement and they all engaged in a big family hug.

And that was the season finale The Family Stallone, so that’s a wrap on season 1!

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