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Pattie Boyd, 79, would like Taylor Swift, 33, to play her in a biopic. The English model and photographer, who was previously interviewed by the singer in 2018, admitted she thinks the Midnights creator would do an epic job of portraying her. “I would love to have a film of my life. I think that would be a really lovely thing to be a part of,” she told the Daily Mail before being asked who should take on her role. “Taylor Swift. That should do it,” she replied.

Although there’s currently no plans for a movie about Pattie’s life, it wouldn’t be too surprising if one happened soon. The beauty has lived quite an interesting journey and is the special person who apparently inspired romantic hit songs such as “Something” by The Beatles and “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. She went from being a shampoo girl to a cover star, becoming a pivotal figure in the 1960s, and in an interview with Forbes last year, she talked about her life as a model and the evolution of fashion.

Taylor Swift, Pattie Boyd
Pattie, left, recently revealed she wants Taylor Swift to play her in a biopic. (Michael Zorn/Shutterstock)

“Previously fashion had been really rather severe and sophisticated as far as magazines like Vogue and Harper’s, etc. They really only showed very sophisticated models, probably aristocratic models, and it was so completely different,” she said. “And then the ’60s girls, when we came in, we did completely different makeup, we liked black underneath our eyes as well as on top. Our hair was completely different. It was more ruffled, it wasn’t so neat. I feel that it was all part of a rebellious movement in a creative way.”

“This trickled out and spread out to Paris and New York,” she continued. “London was the centre at one point in time of that creative boom. We all inspired each other. We had the look, and they designed the clothes to match our look.”

Pattie Boyd
Pattie apparently inspired the song ‘Something’ by the Beatles. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

When Taylor interviewed Pattie five years ago, the former didn’t hesitate to compare their lives. “I have been so excited to talk to you because we’re both women whose lives have been deeply influenced by songs and songwriting. I stand on one side of it, and you on the other,” she said before asking her if the concept of being a muse felt like the right fit. “I find the concept of being a muse understandable when you think of all the great painters, poets, and photographers who usually have had one or two. The artist absorbs an element from their muse that has nothing to do with words, just the purity of their essence,” she answered.

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