Contains mention of suicide and self-harm.

Bird Box Barcelona is finally arriving on Netflix, nearly 5 years after the release of Bird Box — although the movie being referred to as Bird Box 2 switches up the formula for the horror series (and doesn’t feature Sandra Bullock). The Spanish-language spin-off is not a sequel but follows a parallel narrative, showcasing new characters whose stories take place at the same time as Bird Box. In the unique premise of Bird Box, powerful entities have decimated the Earth’s population due to their ability to induce suicidal impulses when seen. Bird Box established that the entities had hit European countries first, clearing the path for Bird Box Barcelona to shed more light on how the apocalypse originated.



Bird Box, which was adapted from Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name, was a critical success for Netflix garnering 89 million viewers within the first four weeks of its release, making it the second-biggest Netflix film at the time. Bird Box Barcelona is likely to be one of the many spin-offs in the Bird Box universe, tying multiple cultures and locations with the same apocalyptic scenario. The geographical change from the first Bird Box and the new Barcelona setting will allow for new challenges and a different perspective on this unique fight for survival. With the release date for Bird Box Barcelona approaching, here’s everything that has been revealed about the spin-off so far.

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Bird Box Barcelona Latest News

Diego Calva in a blindfold in Bird Box Barcelona

The most recent Bird Box Barcelona news was when Netflix released a fresh Bird Box Barcelona trailer on June 28, 2023. As the spin-off to one of Netflix’s most-watched films the excitement for more Bird Box has been palpable, the Bird Box 2 trailer suggests it will be a lot darker and more horrifying than the Sandra Bullock original. The latest footage already shows that Netflix has upped the level of tension significantly, so much so that the Bird Box Barcelona cast may not be the only ones with their eyes covered. Some particular scenes of those caught up in the invasion grappling amidst the chaos as they try to make sense of the surrounding carnage promise some epic apocalyptic horror, one that surpasses Bird Box in scale and scope.

Bird Box Barcelona Release Date

Three people blindfolded in Bird Box Barcelona

The wait is officially over as Netflix revealed that Bird Box Barcelona is currently in post-production and will be available for streaming on July 14, 2023. The mid-summer release is a perfect hint toward the fact that the film is likely to be an equally major hit and draw in an astounding viewership as its predecessor. The Bird Box sequel has been in development since 2020, with its release being delayed on account of the sequel novel’s release. However, Bird Box Barcelona is not an adaptation of the novel and is going in a completely different direction.

Spanish filmmaker brother-duo Alex and David Pastor, best known for The Occupant and the series The Head were brought on board to write and direct the film. Bird Box producers Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan will also be returning for the sequel. Susan Bier, who directed Bird Box, will executive produce alongside Josh Malerman, Ryan Lewis, and Ainsley Davis.

Bird Box Barcelona Cast

Claire worried in Bird Box Barcelona

The Bird Box Barcelona cast doesn’t have a central A-list star like Sandra Bullock, which is itself a testament to Netflix’s faith in the franchise after the success of Bird Box. The Bird Box 2 cast will instead center on Mario Casas, known for his role as Tomás in the Pastor brother’s The Occupant, who has been cast as Sebastián. Alejandra Howardhas, who played Jacinta in the war drama Fatima, has been cast as Anna — Sebastián’s daughter.

Rounding out the supporting roles in Bird Box Barcelona is Georgina Campbell, known for her role as Amy in Black Mirror, who will portray Claire. Naila Schuberth, known for her role as Marie Michelson in Blackout, as Sofia, Intacto’s Leonardo Sbaraglia as Padre Esteban, and Diego Calva — best known for Manny Toress in Babylon — has been cast as Octavio. Michelle Jenner, Leonardo Sbaraglia, and Gonzalo de Castro have also been cast in undisclosed roles.

Bird Box Barcelona Story Details

A man blindfolded in a field in Bird Box Barcelona

Bird Box Barcelona follows the story of Sebastián and his daughter, Anna, as they search for shelter from the entities that have driven most humanity to insanity. They band together with some other survivors who seem safe — at least at first. However, a major threat looms in their future, far greater than the creatures that are responsible for decimating the Earth’s population.

Bird Box Barcelona will not be sourcing material from the sequel novel Malorie: A Bird Box Novel. It would be thrilling to see Bird Box and its spin-off universe crossover in some way, but regardless, the trailer promises an equally thrilling and suspenseful plot featuring a very talented ensemble. Hopefully, Bird Box Barcelona might give more insight as to why some people are affected by the creatures differently and are able to see them without harming themselves.

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Bird Box Barcelona Trailer

Close up of an eye in Bird Box Barcelona

The Bird Box Barcelona trailer released in June offers a glimpse of the world that is suddenly and swiftly engulfed with a frenzy where people are seemingly fatally harming and killing themselves. The latest Bird Box 2 trailer, like previous teasers, features a few nods to the original Bird Box too. Where the most recent Bird Box Barcelona trailer stands out is how much it explores what Sebastián and Anna must overcome in their efforts to escape the city unharmed. It’s clear that Barcelona is beset by cult-like activity from groups who want nothing more than to make others look at the entity — and those Sebastián and Anna think they can trust in Bird Box Barcelona may be the greatest threats of all.


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