Supercomputers, China has them more and more powerful. But he keeps them secret

In the beginning it was the 5G. Now there are the supercomputer. As is well known, a fundamental chapter in the dispute between the United States and China is technology. Just the arrest in Canada of Meng Wanzhou, daughter of the owner of Huawei, in Canada according to many it was true turning point in relations between Washington and Beijing. The moment in which the Communist Party understood, or at least convinced itself, that the White House would not be enough to readjust the bilateral trade balance or raise some tariffs on Chinese products. No, with that arrest, China became convinced that the United States first wanted to stop its rise. Since that time the paradigm relations and above all the interpretative key of every American move by Beijing.

A few years later, the Chinese 5G hasn’t spread to every corner of the world as the United States feared and indeed the tech expansion has suffered some setbacks, also thanks to the rectification campaign initiated within the People’s Republic. However, this does not mean that made in China innovation has stopped, quite the contrary. In the sectors deemed strategic to national interests on the proceeds sent as and more than before. In addition to the semiconductorson which China is trying to make up for a heavy delay accumulated over the years, especially with respect to Taiwan and secondly of South Korea, also i supercomputer.

The pot of the Chinese alchemist: one billion operations per second

More advanced supercomputers are used to improve simulations of highly complex systems, for example to create better models on the climate change or on the effects of hypothetical nuclear explosions. But be careful: as the Financial Timestheir covert use in classified areas, such as to bypass cryptography-based defense systems, will likely make them key tools in the security industry as well. national security.

Chinese scientists say they have developed a new supercomputer so fast that it has successfully run an artificial intelligence model as sophisticated as a human brain. This result puts the supercomputer Sunway of the latest generation on par with Frontier, the latest machine built by the US Department of Energy, recently named the most powerful machine in the world. The Chinese team has renamed the artificial intelligence model developed by Sunway as called bagualuthat is “pot of the alchemist“It is equipped with 174 trillion parameters and thus for the first time is able to rival the number of synapses in the brain.


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